Celebrity Beauty: The $6 Lipstick This Cowl & Dagger Actress Swears By

Celebrity Beauty: The $6 Lipstick This Cowl & Dagger Actress Swears By

Celebrity Beauty:

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As the titular Dagger in Freeform’s Cowl & Dagger, Olivia Holt’s character summons blades of sunshine as her superpower. In her everyday lifestyles, nonetheless, Holt carries no such weapons in her Celine score.

As a replacement, the 21-Twelve months-former fills her purse with the essentials and a few unlikely devices. There’s a mini bottle of ketchup for below-seasoned fries, granola bars for busy days, and conversation starters like a puny, model hand. (Bet you didn’t depend on that one.)

Then, there is the beauty share of her score, a must for any actor doing press interviews nonstop. Holt’s toolkit is surprisingly minimal: A sentimental compact reflect from her mother, her signature scent (Le Labo, obviously), and a $6 lipstick that doubles as a blush.

Detect the video above to gain all her product suggestions, and hear the elephantine myth referring to the limited hand she packs in her Celine.

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