Celebrity Health: Chuck D Appointed Universal Hip Hop Museum’s Chairman Of Star Board

Celebrity Health: Chuck D Appointed Universal Hip Hop Museum’s Chairman Of Star Board

Celebrity Health:

December 19, 2018 | 12:38 PM

Celebrity Health: Chuck D Appointed Universal Hip Hop Museum's Chairman Of Star Board

Ragnar Singsaas/WireImage

Bronx, NY – Public Enemy luminary Chuck D has been appointed the Chairman of the Star Board for the Universal Hip Hop Museum within the Bronx. Per a assertion, Director of the UHHM Rocky Bucano and Chairman of the Board Kurtis Blow announced the news on Wednesday (December 19).

Chuck got concerned to confidently deliver some more structure to no longer easiest the museum itself however moreover to the tradition.

“I always want to form comparisons to sports,” he tells HipHopDX. “It’s very organized and I deem song to a huge level isn’t. We are infantile. It’s principal for the museum to exist. All we agree with now to enact is creep to a kindergarten or 1st grade faculty room and look how organized it’s. We can’t be amazed that it’s the design in which it must gathered be. Whenever you happen to search at Hip Hop, it’s much less organized than a kindergarten class. Whenever you creep to a huge market, you’re no longer going to hang food from there if issues are unorganized. It’s esteem, ‘Who curated this?’ We’ve been treatin’ Hip Hop esteem a thing that correct occurs and we procure it.

“When I knew Rocky became putting together the museum, I mentioned we’ve been requesting this thing for years. I’m a member of the Rock & Roll Corridor of Status and I’ve labored with the Smithsonian. I search at these organized efforts and I’m asserting in Hip Hop, we kinda need to grow up. Being on this board is esteem constructing to plot other folks’s attention and possibly funding to mosey extra. Within the social, bling bling variety of style, confidently my attention will form these of us that claim to agree with that roughly money to be accountable.”

Historically, Public Enemy has always stood for something — whether it’s speaking out about corruption, police brutality or racism, Chuck has by no formula rapped about money and materialism the design in which other rappers in total enact. To him, “Hip Hop has always been a battle.”

“When I look other folks purchase a $250,000 grill, that’s something else. That’s no longer Hip Hop to me,” he says with fun. “If that finally ends up being news, I’m no longer gonna be inflamed at it. I do realize it. The plot back is that person who calls themselves a journalist and writes about that, that’s a disservice to the tradition.

“There are such lots of of us doing so many gigantic issues. When it turns from the spectacular to a spectacle, that concerns me. We got Hip Hop artists entering their 60s rapidly and no one is speaking about effectively being care in Hip Hop. It’s a truly true thing for somebody over forty. As Hip Hop matures and goes into this age, when will we grow up? Right here’s something we gotta snoop on.”

The UHHM will ruin ground in 2019 and plans to birth in 2022. As mentioned within the clicking launch, its goal is to “agree with fun and help the history of local and world Hip Hop song and tradition previous, show and future.”

Blow, who Chuck always refers to as “Hip Hop’s first factual shining megastar,” is having a conception forward to having Chuck on board.

“The credibility he brings to our crew is mountainous,” Blow says within the clicking launch. “He moreover understands the importance of the UHHM and vows to let the realm know by a megastar-studded celebrity board within the reach future. Flame on!”

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