Celebrity Fashion: Celebrity Social Media, January 9, 2019

Celebrity Fashion: Celebrity Social Media, January 9, 2019

Celebrity Fashion:

Celebrity Fashion: Maria

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January 9, 2019 19:31:03

I’m already over the Fiji water person. Her title is Kelleth. It’s ethical not a gag that has legs. And Jamie Lee Curtis just isn’t the one.

This morning, Lainey wrote in regards to the recent, cheeky Gwyneth doing promotions rounds for her novel e book. Her husband Brad posted this on Instagram and he or she commented, “Thank you, my celebrated dinner companion. I similar to you so great. It is probably you’ll perchance perchance perchance additionally be continually so supportive of me.” It with out a doubt beats having a husband who runs down the road to manual clear of being photographed with you at a dinner celebration you are net hosting in your e book originate. Because that’s came about to her as neatly.

No, Slice Jonas. No. You posted this on January eight. It is probably you’ll perchance perchance perchance’t lunge in eight days slack. I rebuke it. 

I’m extraordinarily into John Travolta embracing his hairline. Perhaps this modified into his resolution for 2019?

Relish Lainey, I believed Anne Hathaway modified into a standout on the Golden Globes – so great extra attention-grabbing than the strapless column attire. By comparison, this Town & Nation quilt is a lot extra tame in the styling because it’s about everyday life, not fashion. Moreover that, the headlines are cracking me up: “Mommy, are we affluent?” HA!

Talking of rich, Jeff Bezos is getting divorced. Tech billionaires mix with Hollywood the entire time – so need to we predicament Jeff Bezos up with someone? The foremost one that involves mind, for me, is Wendi Deng. Are you able to imagine?!

Zendaya’s first garments line Daya went away in the end in early 2018 (on account of production and buyer provider concerns, she fired the company that manufactured the road), after which she did a collaboration with Boohoo. Subsequent up, she’s working with Tommy Hilfiger. I’m very peculiar to scrutinize what she does with the Tommy scrutinize – if anyone can originate it recent, it’s her. 

The subsequent Avengers movie would possibly perchance be about Captain The united states making an try to pair his Bluetooth headphones to his novel iPad.

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