Celebrity Fashion: ‘The Masked Singer’ Week 5: Each Clue We Know About The Rabbit, Unicorn, Alien & Lion

Celebrity Fashion: ‘The Masked Singer’ Week 5: Each Clue We Know About The Rabbit, Unicorn, Alien & Lion

Celebrity Fashion:

‘The Masked Singer’ week 5 has arrived, and the rabbit, alien, unicorn and lion shall be performing another time. Here’s every clue we all know about these big title performers to abet decipher their identities!

The first group of enormous title singers return to the stage to set aside solo and as a bunch one day of the Jan. 30 episode of The Masked Singer. One big title singer shall be unmasked on the top of the episode. For week 5 of The Masked Singer, the rabbit, unicorn, alien, and lion shall be hitting the stage for one other round of performances.

Since these 4 masked singers comprise but to be unmasked, followers are mild attempting to determine who they are. The clues which were printed thus a long way spend main us closer and closer to the huge title underneath the costume. HollywoodLife has rounded up the total clues regarding the week 5 performers to receive you updated on the total evidence!

RABBIT: The rabbit printed that he worked at Coney Island when he change into a little boy in his 2nd video of clues. “As a younger cottontail, I observed popularity and everybody wanted a portion of me,” he talked about. He illustrious that he “found safety in a bunch,” however talked about that “often not attending to be yourself can leave you feeling boxed in.” In his preliminary introduction video, the rabbit printed that he’s “spent most of my life on stage, however I change into by no arrangement by myself” and “synchronized singing is my distinctiveness.” He added: “The final man standing, it’s gonna be me.” He did verify to the judges that he has been in a band, however wouldn’t verify or philosophize whether or not or not he’s toured with panelist Nicole Scherzinger! All of the clues lead us to mediate that the rabbit is Joey Fatone!

UNICORN: The unicorn grew up in Beverly Hills and had dreams of being a singer. Then another time, she change into told she change into “tone-deaf,” so that crushed her singing dreams magnificent laborious. Sooner than her 2nd efficiency, the unicorn admitted that she’s been “lacking self belief because I misplaced my sheen.” She talked about she change into “feeling victorious” and prepared to “triumph over my anxiousness of singing and being judged.” When asked whether or not or not she’s known for being a gymnast, the unicorn quipped, “In the bedroom!” Her nickname is “rooster,” which has many followers pondering that the unicorn is Tori Spelling. “Chook” in Japanese is pronounced “tori.”

ALIEN: The alien teased that she grew up in the public eye. “My life change into by no arrangement in actuality my indulge in,” she admitted. She additionally printed that she’s “let others outline me, however no one will ever spend watch over me another time.” The alien told the panelists that she’s a “quadruple threat” and has “recorded many issues.” She additionally dropped the impress that she has “many sisters.” While some followers idea the alien would be Kendall Jenner, the alien is amazingly possible any individual older. “You would possibly perchance perchance mediate I’m out of vogue, however I’m here to upward thrust above all that,” the alien talked about. Given the clues, the alien is possible LaToya Jackson.

LION: The lion has “constantly cherished to affirm.” Her first efficiency change into a “likelihood for folk to search for me set aside without any preconceived notions of who I’m.” She teased that she is “Hollywood royalty” and prepared to “step a long way flung from her pleasure.” The lion sa

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