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My wander to Boston started with an easy desire – to inspire PAX East in Boston. Reasonably distinguished all of my favourite web celebrities may maybe be there, and I merely wanted to secure my photo obsessed on them. Straightforward ample cause to head!

Sadly, I was unaware that badges equipped out practically without delay, and I was out of success – that is, till I made a whiny tweet. Enter Patrick, my buddy and Penny Arcade forum manager (I omit his legitimate title!). He may hook me up with a three-day badge. I never savor to accept preferential medication, but I allowed myself this one little bit of selfishness, and I’m happy Patrick did, too.

With that, I booked my flight and AirBnB room, willing to head to Boston!

I will gloss over some small print to e book clear of a novella, but I’m hoping I will nicely relate the low gamut of bodily and emotional rollercoasters that lasted four everlasting days.

DAY zero

My flight would leave at 6:05AM Friday Morning. It may probably presumably secure me to the convention at around 11AM. I figured it may perchance presumably set apart money on an extra evening of lodging, but I’d rapidly desire I’d popped for any other evening on the remarkably more inexpensive $60/evening room.

After a lot of serve-and-forth and overly demanding math, I requested my mother to drive me to the airport at 8PM and I’d strive and sleep there to rob her from having to drive an hour serve to her home at 4AM.

Sooner than she and I parted ways, she gave me a small box of home-baked brownies. The box used to be styrofoam, the style you secure for eaterie leftovers.

As rapidly as I bought to the protection test, I had a gentle dread. What if they relate these are… special brownies? So with that, I made a decision to possess interaction a peep at and devour the brownies sooner than going thru safety. Useless to yell, I wasn’t certain of the food policy outdoors the actual terminal gate dwelling, so right here used to be a sizable furry man shoulder deep in his backpack, attempting to cowl his messy consumption of a mysterious food. Let’s name it Brownie Bagging.

When I’d executed my brownies, I had a brand silent conundrum. I needed to throw away the box! In my consistently scared mind, I had determined that the box used to be the counseled measurement/shape of an incendiary tool, and if they noticed me throw it in the trash, they’d possess me tackled to the ground and fished around in my butt attempting to hunt down the detonator.

I in the end worked up the nerve to throw away the box when no one used to be having a peep.

I found no sleep that evening in the airport. I noticed one man who had pushed two gadgets of chairs collectively for a makeshift mattress. I desire I were so mettlesome!


After a lot of aggravating that the Blue Snowball microphone I was carrying may maybe be mistaken for a bomb, I was ushered thru safety with out a issues.

I arrived in Boston, and made formula to my AirBnB room to drop off my bags. This enthusiastic participating with the ‘Charlie Pass’ system that lets in you to skedaddle all mass transit with a single price. Fortunately, I’d executed too distinguished examine months sooner than, and I knew without delay to raise a 7-day pass.

After barely of notion and confusion, I took the shuttle to the Blue Line to Wonderland (well, my end used to be Orient Heights – coincidentally appropriate for a weeb savor me.)

The bus proved barely extra of a disaster, because their schedules are barely less frequent than the trains. Fortunately, I bought on the superior bus, and it used to be being driven by a beautifully style lady who used to be greater than happy to reply my questions about the stops.

I dropped off my web, and whereas I will possess waited for any other bus, I wasn’t certain of the times, so I made a decision to possess interaction a peep at a brand silent resource I’d never partaken – an Uber! There wasn’t distinguished thrilling about it, except the motive force used to be very effective. He additionally had Prince’s songs on loop, in honor of the dearly departed. My private favourite used to be When Doves Shout, because I friggin cherish Romeo+Juliet with Leo and Claire Danes.

Everything used to be going correct… to this point!

I sat outdoors the convention heart, attempting to secure barely extra of a charge on my phone till Patrick introduced me a badge. The phone’s charge used to be getting terribly low, for the reason that evening sooner than on the airport, the sole outlets were monopolized by sound asleep other folks, and a girl who sat on the flooring in entrance of the outlet talked on her phone for two stable hours (and did no longer toddle when she used to be executed talking).

After extra stress about the protection web test on the convention, I in the end bought in!

I walked around the flooring with Patrick and Hannah, his most important barely just a few. (God, I’m hoping I’m steady in remembering it used to be Hannah and no longer savor… Anna……… or Jamie.)

That is when the day begins to change real into a blur. At this level, I hadn’t slept in 24 hours, and it used to be time to start sitting down and searching at other folks attain video sport linked issues. I started on the Toll road Fighter V Enviornment where Ricki Ortiz, Mike Ross, Marn, Gootecks, Ok-Brad, Nickledu, and barely just a few sizable scuffling with sport group stars were striking out and playing the fight games on a sizable veil veil. The explicit dwelling used to be so small, you couldn’t inspire but be stop to them the full time, and it used to be huge, rather than one thing.

Every every so steadily, I’d nod off. At any time after I did, I appeared savor an insane person as I’d snap serve wide awake with a startled face and an audible gasp. This persevered in the route of the day.

When I noticed Marn standing about, I handed him the microphone I’d promised him on Twitter. His microphone wasn’t very correct, and since he lives in Vietnam, or no longer it is highly costly for him to raise electronics from in any other nation. I donate to streamers the full time, so this used to be no barely just a few. With the handoff, he gave me a sizable thanks, and I ultimate smiled and gave a thumbs-up, no longer wishing to intervene at the side of his legitimate industry. It used to be this 2nd that I spotted that I was snort with merely seeing the other folks I cherished, with out a need for photos. It appeared out of the ordinary to ultimate allow the 2nd live in my memories.

I met serve up with Patrick and Hannah and, fortunately, we went to possess a pleasant lunch. It used to be about then I spotted I hadn’t eaten since these brownies the evening sooner than, and being wide awake for that period of time makes you a heck of loads hungrier. I drank my weight in Weight loss program Coke on the restaurant. I’m renowned for my fixed dehydration for the period of periods of teenage wretchedness. This may be an element later in the weekend.

To forestall out the day, I went to the Giant Bomb panel. Patrick Klepek used to be making hotdogs and throwing them at us, but to my shagrin, I may attain nothing but nod off time and time yet again. I kicked myself for no longer nicely playing the panel. Fortunately, it used to be nicely filmed, and I may be searching at it later in stout wakefulness!

I wasn’t too sleepy, on the other hand, to accost Alex and Dan with the slow poster I drew. I’d printed ample for all people on the Giant Bomb crew! http://i.imgur.com/TobB6uX.png

First I showed it to Alex. He cherished it and advised me he’d guarantee to present it to the barely just a few bombers. He used to be very busy interacting with followers, so I wasn’t ready at hand him the tube. I was terrified to ultimate lay it down somewhere, so then I kinda scooted over to Dan Ryckert and had an especially identical dialog. This time, I forced it into his fingers as if to convey “THESE ARE YOUR PROBLEM NOW.”

And I ran. No, surely. I ran out of the room for the reason that Enforcers were attempting to secure us out, and with correct cause!

Sooner than the evening used to be executed, I made a lengthy-ish wander some distance flung from the PAX heart, no longer certain what I was attempting to hunt down. What I found used to be a McDonald’s! Now, I know what you are considering. “You had them nuggz. 20-share world peace.” I need to disappoint you, but I had nuggz only recently, and I rob my nugg experiences very separate for maximum enjoyment.

I had two cheeseburgers, sizable fries, sizable drink. The burgers were ultimate awful. Too distinguished ketchup, and the buns were dried out. It ain’t my first time on the McDonald’s rodeo, so I understand it ain’t all McD’s shedding execrable burgs on the other folks.

Now it used to be time to head sleep my first evening on the AirBnB room. I was pondering the transit system, which used to be mute barely silent to this nation boy, but I wasn’t seeing any individual rush into the situation. I may perchance no longer divulge if it used to be closed/disused/and loads others. All I know is any person wrote ‘muerte’ on the door, and I took that as an omen. Tonight, or no longer it is Uber.

After I secure to the dwelling I’m staying, I secure that I’m sharing a flooring of a dwelling with any other couple who used to be attending PAX. I’m no longer gonna mince phrases, they were nerds similar to you and me. We had a pleasant nerdy talk, and it used to be off to mattress with me and my painful feet.

I secure to my room (three flights of stairs to secure right here!) ultimate sooner than my phone is willing to die for superior. No scenario, ultimate trot in the charger and-

I’ve lost my charger.


The evening sooner than used to be sizzling. Too sizzling. There used to be no fan to rob the air difficult in the room, so it felt positively tropical after I was already overheated from uncharacteristic wretchedness.

After in the end understanding the Rubik’s cube shower knobs, I made my formula serve into Boston with intent to raise a brand silent charger. After some wandering around north of Boston, I found a comfort retailer where I sold a charger. No matter my sneaky intentions to cowl on the serve of the retailer and narrate an available outlet, the trot used to be too oddly fashioned to fit, so I made my formula down the avenue attempting to hunt down bus stops and charging outlets. I as soon as in a whereas checked my without slay demise phone for the accepted route of the command situation, and after lacking multiple buses and discovering no outlets, I ended up strolling the most major avenue two miles to the situation on already-achy feet.

After I reach on the convention hall, I strive and charge my phone. It used to be a surely late, unfruitful affair coupled with a surely loud Ghostbusters cosplayer who made my ears unhappy.

I made my formula to the Toll road Fighter V dwelling where the powerhouses of the group were mute duking it out in an invitational match. Sooner than it started, on the other hand, I wished to sit down down down down on the free-play dwelling with fellow SFV gamers. I’d play a couple games and provides myself ample time to hunt down a seat subsequent to the stage where I may soak up the aura of the reach-sitting legends.

My first opponent used to be very style. Very… very style. He crushed my Karin, which is enough. I create no longer mind being crushed, because I secure victory in taking even a single spherical from highly effective gamers. Then he began to coach me. How superior!

Because the initiating establish of the convey came, I was willing to possess interaction my seat. Nevertheless the lesson wasn’t over. It persevered… and persevered. The seats filled. I realized to punish unsafe strikes. That is ravishing chilly. Hiya, Marn’s playing. I savor searching at Marn play… but I gotta learn the style to body trap now, I relate.

On the time, I was ravishing upset, on the other hand it wasn’t his fault. The tutor used to be very style to present me his time. I possess to had been extra initiate about my intentions, but hey! We’re all barely socially awkward!

After the SFV match, I query Jerma985’s tweet just a few fan meet-and-greet he’s having. He and Star_ are hilarious makers of youtube movies, as well as ultimate-wanting streamers. I had the privilege of moderating Jerma’s chat (and now Valuable person’s), so we shared some familiarity.

What I did no longer quiz used to be how furious Jerma perceived to fulfill me. I felt savor the most special person on earth at that 2nd, and it is no longer surely major what came about for the the leisure of the weekend, it may perchance presumably mute be the becoming weekend of my lifestyles, and totally worth the monetary charge. I rapid parted ways with Jerma (after a promise of a lunch secure-collectively) to present him an change to nicely work collectively at the side of his barely just a few followers and no longer be obligated to myself. My subsequent aim used to be to peep out Valuable person.

Valuable person used to be casting commentary on an Overwatch match. He used to be extraordinarily busy, so I delighted myself with having a peep at him rapid, then heading serve to SFV to play some extra games.

I will no longer rush into too many small print. Largely, I ended up on the ‘newbie’ facet of the SFV tables, and felt extraordinarily execrable that I was crushing silent gamers. I attempted to head easy on them, and I’m hoping I did no longer dissuade any individual from this kind of fun sport.

My subsequent celeb seek-seeing day out used to be to the Iron Galaxy booth, particularly to see Dave Lang, the CEO of Iron Galaxy. They’re the developers of Dive Kick, a cherish letter to scuffling with games. They’re additionally the sizzling developers of Killer Intuition, a surely effective sport that I create no longer possess the becoming contrivance to play in the intervening time.

Most of all, Dave Lang is a hilarious man who’s inexorably linked to Giant Bomb’s antics. To my surprise, the very busy man who attended many panels used to be surely on the booth! Useless to yell, he appeared very busy, and I was snort to merely peep at him up stop whereas any other Iron Galaxy employee showed me the combo system in Killer Intuition. It used to be a delightfully brief expertise.

It used to be getting leisurely, and I rapidly had a dinner reservation with outdated visitors from the Penny Arcade forums. Patrick (who bought me into the convention), his most important other Hannah, Bill (A moderator on the forums) and his most important other Ashley. Nevertheless first I surely want to secure to the restaurant, an upscale steak joint called “Mooo” at Park Toll road.

I notion about taking the transit, as I was getting extra chuffed with it, on the other hand it used to be about the identical period of time to wander, so I figured I’d query the sights!

It used to be practically without delay after I handed the first command situation that I began to secure requests for loose commerce. The most important couple of discouraged fellows requested for my coins with low voices. I’d gladly give as I may, but I’m cautious of reaching into my pockets in an unknown metropolis, so I soldier ahead.

The closing interaction sooner than my destination used to be the proverbial cake-taker. As I handed three other folks perched against a natty outdated window, one in all the women folk shook her cup loudly at me, exclaiming “We bought a barely just a few one, right here! You are actual @&(#$ing special!” The barely just a few two laughed sarcastically in my route. I saved my head down and most likely even a small prayer crossed my mind. Possibly she used to be talking about Jerma making me surely feel special earlier that day. I wasn’t relying on it, though.

I arrived at Mooo, greeted by my visitors. While I was grateful for the dearth of costume code, I was mute the abnormal man out at this eatery of fanciness. Imagine a room of folks in effective, sunless attire, tremendous-shaven faces and immaculate pores and skin sitting interior slapping distance of a sizable stout man with a fuzzy beard, fluffy head, gang-savor tattoo, and a shiny Hawaiian blouse. It’s no surprise that I was seated closest to the door in case they wanted to secure me out rapid.

Oh, and I had a faculty-style backpack. Useless to yell, I’m cherish. I savor to be cherish! So I requested them politely to have a study my web. (In this case, ‘test’ refers to them conserving it for safekeeping. I’d no longer surely feel the necessity to specify, but my web used to be checked for unhealthy objects thrice to this point this weekend)

I’ve never had a coat/web checked, and that in itself used to be a treat. When the web used to be returned to me later that evening, the highly-dressed man who introduced it to me may no longer had been extra of a legitimate about it. He gave me a bow and a divulge as though I were as major as an outdated money billionaire on vacation at the side of his mistress. It only occurred to me later that I possess to possess tipped him. It may probably presumably had been worth the equality I felt.

This expertise used to be echoed thru dinner as the server, a pleasant lady in a brief sunless costume, persevered to insist me ice water after I downed them rapid. I without problems sweat and dehydrate, so I was barely thirsty. She never let me rush without.

I will no longer communicate prices because it appears to be like barely gauche, but let’s yell that my meal used to be a bill for every week’s worth of my groceries (though I attain shop thrifty!). Bill and Ashley were style ample to treat me to the meal as fragment of Patrick’s birthday, and I’m forever grateful.

I made a decision to portray my steak medium (I engage well-executed) because I wished to slot in barely better. To my delight, I was no longer afflicted by the redness of the meat as I most steadily am. The leisure of the meal used to be pretty, though no longer entirely worth describing. Many animated surprises, and the meal ended by searching at Patrick revel in his birthday sundae. He insisted on sharing, but I was some distance too stout from barely just a few delicious food, and used to be greater than happy to refuse.

The time out ended with me giving a reward of some cherish-ish hazelnut Hershey’s to Patrick, with one box for him to present to Robert Khoo for giving me a badge. If only I’d known I’d be treated to dinner, I’d possess had an extra for Bill and Ashley as well.

This time, I engage the transit. Onto the command, onto the bus, on to my brief-term home. It couldn’t possess long gone smoother.

I climb up three flights of stairs on my achy feet, shimmy myself into my mattress, trot in my demise phone, and witness the most recent episode of Jojo’s Weird Adventure. Alternative than the low worry radiating thru my groin from all of the strolling, it used to be a appetizing evening of barely overwarm sleep.

DAY three:

The next morning, for the period of my routine, I accidentally broke a little ingesting glass in the loo of my hostess. I create no longer possess any notion what the glass used to be for, but I relate it used to be for… bathroom stuff? I fastidiously cleaned up the mess and placed the glass gingerly atop the t

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