Celebrity Movies: Star Social Media, January 29, 2019

Celebrity Movies: Star Social Media, January 29, 2019

Celebrity Movies:

Celebrity Movies: Maria

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January 29, 2019 19:33:30

I haven’t viewed Bohemian Rhapsody because it doesn’t charm to me, but I don’t build up with award hide movies on the entire (I’m too low brow). What I’d inaugurate doing is looking out at scenes from standing movies out of context, like this one posted to Twitter. It is (unintentionally) hilarious and it makes the movie see so, so corrupt. 

Other folks, precise fucking people, are looking out at scene after scene like this and are announcing “bruuuh! easiest. movie. of. the. one year”?

Here’s objectively corrupt. Any individual with out a thought about editing will test out it. My brain is on fireplace thinking that this is an OSCAR NOMINATED MOVIE! FUCK! pic.twitter.com/QVDCxe2iaf

— Pramit Chatterjee 🌈 (@pramitheus) January 26, 2019

I JUST checked and the editor of #BohemianRhapsody is nominated for easiest editing. He’s truly nominated.. ha…hahahaha…I’m gonna lose my fucking mind.

— Pramit Chatterjee 🌈 (@pramitheus) January 26, 2019

Sofia Vergara, the staunch paid actress on tv, has posted a few photos of her in denims with the hashtag #daysofdenim. This makes me assume a clothing line is forthcoming. I did a hasty bit of compare and she did comprise a denim line at Sears (I can’t acquire the rest entertaining on it) but with Up to the moment Family in its sundown years, what is next for Sofia? Whenever you be aware her on Instagram, she’s very into web web hosting occasions and décor and shuttle – starting up a common of living ticket has doubtlessly been looked at by her crew.

I was going to comprise a humorous story about rebooting the Planet Hollywood restaurant chain but they mild exist! I knew there was a resort in Vegas, but I had no thought there comprise been mild restaurants. Clearly none of the novel stars (Arnold, Sly, Demi, Bruce) are affiliated with it anymore, but I mild feel like I have to be pleased at one, for compare. (I already know what I’m ordering, the “world notorious rooster crunch.”) In the pop custom history books, can Planet Hollywood employ some credit for launching the “celebrities who comprise restaurants” craze that rapidly died once commercial managers build their foot down and told their customers to pause investing in restaurants because it’s a notoriously fickle and unstable commercial? I bet it would. 

It’s been a minute since we’ve viewed Charlie Hunnam but every so incessantly a fresh fan describe pops up on Instagram. Aloof fine. 

Jeepers Billy, see who’s on Instagram. (Instagram, give this man a verification checkmark. He has earned it.)

Happy Oprah’s birthday, everyone.


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