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Celebrity Fashion:

Hello, bear in mind “Putin’s most productive friend in Congress” Dana Rohrabacher? He lost his candy sinecure, but he’s aloof accessible grifting!

I changed into as soon as going to be in Congress, but then I obtained high

I changed into as soon as going salvage Moscow in DC, but then I obtained high

Now I’m building a hemp wall and I do know whyyyyyyyy-yy-yyy

Because I obtained high, because I obtained high, because I obtained high https://t.co/kiwWjzoTBE

— Mig Greengard (@chessninja) February 8, 2019

In several places, Roger Stone is arguing that he can’t be gagged, because he’s no Kim Kardashian, per CNN:

Roger Stone is attempting a recent tactic in arguing towards a federal mediate who can also limit what he says in public: He’s claiming he’s now now not great of a celeb…

His speech shouldn’t be restricted, because his lifeblood is writing and speaking about politics and charm, his attorneys recount. But while he’s identified in some circles, Stone is nowhere advance as infamous as Kim Kardashian, his attorneys argued. That lack of popularity methodology he will doubtless be ready to contain an fair jury when his case goes to trial.

“While Roger Stone can also very properly be acquainted to those that closely apply American politics, he’s hardly ever ubiquitous within the greater landscape of in vogue consciousness,” his attorneys wrote.

“An example of how tiny and slim his public presence is, is that Kim Kardashian has 59.5 million followers on Twitter,” they added. Stone, within the meantime, has no Twitter presence (he changed into as soon as banned by the provider in 2017). Stone has 39,000 followers on Instagram, while Kardashian has 126 million, his correct crew argued…

Jackson mentioned final week that if she imposes a gag hiss, it won’t limit all of Stone’s speech. He would aloof be ready to opine on “international relatives, immigration and Tom Brady,” she mentioned, as an instance, but shouldn’t deal alongside with his in-court proceedings “worship a e book tour.”…

Shut up, Roger, no person needs to stumble on your intercourse tapes.

Translation: “Your honor, within the occasion you can are attempting to gag Stone, we might perhaps presumably be joyful to companion with it. But we’re furthermore joyful if he keeps working his mouth off with statements towards interest and statements we can exhaust to impeach him if he’s foolish ample to testify” https://t.co/fP7bmm8cQI

— Nicholas Weaver (@ncweaver) February 8, 2019

Then again, a gag hiss can also deprive us of slapstick worship this…

New tonight: Former Roger Stone companion Jerome Corsi (aka “Individual 1” in Stone’s indictment) is suing … Roger Stone, accusing Stone of defamation for over and over asserting that Corsi lied https://t.co/p4JLz5aSsR pic.twitter.com/zXKWfHofUd

— Zoe Tillman (@ZoeTillman) February 8, 2019

Precise stress right here between Corsi being a profession bullshit artist and Stone being precisely the sort of asshole who’d deem worship this. https://t.co/s041CkY3TE

— Zeddy (@Zeddary) February 8, 2019

@waltshaub is all of us pic.twitter.com/wo0twfM1GU

— Robert Maguire (@RobertMaguire_) February 7, 2019

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