Celebrity Music: The definitive Patreon reading manual

Celebrity Music: The definitive Patreon reading manual

Celebrity Music:

Celebrity Music: An annotated list to all the pieces written on Patreon

At with regards to 6 years primitive, Patreon has gone from startup to king of membership. Now a longtime chief in an commerce that’s been flipped on its head, Patreon’s path has been one thing however predictable — peppered with its share of milestones, mishaps, pivots, champions, and critics — and provides helpful insights for founders, merchants, creatives, or those making an strive to receive sense of the unique media landscape.

Since we’ve doubtlessly read nearly every word written on Patreon as segment for our “under-the-hood” exploration in this EC-1, we’ve compiled a supplemental list of resources and readings we take into consideration are particularly considerable for finding out the Patreon fable.

Reading time for this article is set Eight minutes. It’s segment of the Extra Crunch EC-1 on Patreon. Aim illustration by Bryce Durbin / TechCrunch.

Celebrity Music: I. Background: The Story of Patreon

Pedals Music Video (Announcement Video) & Within the support of the Scenes Video | Might 2013 | In Might of 2013, Co-founder and CEO Jack Conte first provided the creation of Patreon alongside the free up of a intellectual making an strive song video that had smoke machines, light presentations, and robots on beat machines. Conte furthermore added a honorable in the support of-the-scenes video exhibiting appropriate how vital groundwork and hustle went into the manufacturing.

Jack Conte’s Patreon Explanation | Might 2013 | In a separate video, Conte went into a minute bit more depth on the distinctive location’s function, vision, and efficiency.

Pomplamoose’s Jack Conte Creates A Subscription-Essentially based totally mostly Funding Build For Artists and Patreon Is a Habitual Tip Jar for Fans Who Love The whole thing You Originate | Might 2013 | TechCrunch’s and AllThingsD’s protection of Patreon’s open. In context, revisiting the pieces provides an enticing glance support at the preliminary excitement around Patreon’s providing and the pervasiveness of the worry it became as soon as tackling.

Jack Conte Presentation @ XOXO Festival | September 2013 | At the XOXO Festival, a pageant and convention for unbiased web-based creators, Conte explains how his personal abilities as a YouTube artist resulted in the creation of Patreon.

1,000 Honest Fans | March 2008 | Wired founding editor Kevin Kelly’s broadly read 1,000 Honest Fans essay is truly the philosophical underpinning of Patreon. The essential belief right here is that one could per chance furthermore also be a winning creator if they’re in a space to continually monetize even a minute, devoted fan sinister. Kelly walks through unbiased artist economics to snarl how appropriate one thousand gorgeous fans who will repeatedly toughen or purchase a creator’s work could per chance furthermore also be sufficient to receive a relaxed living.

Digital Medici: How This Musician-Became-Entrepreneur Plans To Build Creators From Advertising and marketing | February 2018 | In a 2018 profile, Kathleen Chaykowski contextualizes Conte’s motivation and aspirations for Patreon, outlining his path from childhood song fanatic to struggling artist to founder.

Inside Patreon, The Financial Engine of Web Culture | August 2017 | Verge senior reporter Adi Robertson outlines in-depth how the Patreon model has changed from the creator standpoint past traditional time, in conjunction with creator anecdotes, success tales and issues.

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