Celebrity Movies: Reach of Sincerity: Episode 10

Celebrity Movies: Reach of Sincerity: Episode 10

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Reach of Sincerity: Episode 10

by Helcat

Our couple grows closer and closer, but they don’t know that danger is just around the corner for them. In more ways than one, they will have to confront their pasts – as family difficulties unexpectedly arise for Jung-rok. Sometimes all it takes is another person who cares enough to step in, to see past what you thought you knew, and come to a better understanding. But Yoon-seo’s past won’t be so easy to fight – just don’t put our lovely heroine through too much, show, okay? My heart can’t take it.



Attorney Yeon really must have a tracker on Jung-rok, because he’s waiting for him at the elevator in the morning – and just in time for Yoon-seo as well. In front of them, a couple furtively hold hands, and Attorney Yeon sighs that it must be nice to date someone at the same company.

But if that was a hint for Yoon-seo, she doesn’t pick up on it, and instead pricks his pride by asking if he isn’t married, then. Jung-rok doesn’t even try to hide his snort of laughter.

The team have a group waffle breakfast, and Jung-rok (uncharacteristically bold) winks over at Yoon-seo. Delighted, Yoon-seo winks back. She almost gets caught by Attorney Yeon, and as soon as the door is closed, Jung-rok and Yoon-seo giggle at the near miss.

Jung-rok continues to be adorable at a team lunch, surreptitiously sliding food she likes near Yoon-seo. They can barely go one minute without sending texts to each other. Jung-rok fibs that it’s for work, and makes Yoon-seo (and me) melt when he says he really really likes work.

Yoon-seo, eager to play out more drama tropes, calls Jung-rok out for a secret stairwell tryst. Jung-rok is more than happy to go along with it, especially if he gets a kiss – but eugh, someone interrupts them at the last moment.

Meanwhile, Attorney Dan’s crush on Attorney Choi is really getting to her – and he’s distracting her at work since he’s always there. When Attorney Choi overhears that she likes the ukulele, he offers to bring his in. With the most hangdog expression, Dan sighs, “I have to stop getting tangled up with him.”

Over dinner, Yoon-seo smiles that she never thought Jung-rok would be so daring in a work relationship. Aww, Jung-rok admits, “I didn’t know I had it in me either. I only did it because you like it.”

But when he adds that they have so little time left – only 1 month – Yoon-seo gets so upset that she starts cutting at nothing on her plate. To cover, Yoon-seo blusters that they never serve steaks large enough. Which results in a very cute back-and-forth as Jung-rok gives her some of his.

Yoon-seo happily tells Jung-rok, “Every day has been a joy for me lately. Having you by my side is the biggest reason.” But, Yoon-seo adds, it’s not the only reason – she also loves the work, and everyone, at Always Law. Jung-rok comments that she really is like Audrey Hepburn in ‘Roman Holiday’. In a moment of excitement, Yoon-seo blurts out that he should come to hers tomorrow to watch it.

The moment that Jung-rok accepts though, they immediately start overthinking the fact that they’ll be at her apartment together. Alone. Neither of them can pull off the cool attitude they’re going for.

At home, Jung-rok gets it in his head that he needs to bring Yoon-seo a gift tomorrow. To the internet! Which is a terrible idea, duh. Horrified at the results, Jung-rok tries to assure himself that it’s just a movie that happens to be at his girlfriend’s house.

Meanwhile, Yoon-seo fastidiously cleans and primps her apartment. Satisfied, she says, “Now it’s enough to make him think I’m a neat person.” I hear ya.

The next day, Yoon-seo and Jung-rok are an awkward bundle of nerves when he shows up (with flowers…and wine). They each take turns to get tongue-tied as they trip over their words, and worry that the other will think they’re suggesting…

To break the tension, Yoon-seo takes Jung-rok on a house tour, just as if she were showing an interviewer round. Yoon-seo explains that she loves to read – and gets humiliated when Jung-rok sticks his hand in tell-tale dust on the shelf.

Disaster strikes in the bedroom as well. Yoon-seo’s nerves get the best of her, and she starts to babble about her bed and how bouncy it is – complete with a demonstration. And then Jung-rok accidentally hits the lights off. This. Is. Great.

Meanwhile, Attorney Dan gets into a fluster when she arrives at the office (on the weekend) and Attorney Choi is there as well. Dan gets all moony, thinking it must be fate, and tries to snap herself out of it.

But Choi isn’t helping any, looking all handsome, and asking for a drink in exchange for his ukulele. Dan’s heart stops when Choi plays one last goodbye song on his ukulele. And she’s a complete goner when Choi wraps his arms around her to teach her how to hold (his) instrument.

Up on the roof, Dan plays a mournful song and wails into the wind, “Please let my love come true!”

Back at Yoon-seo’s apartment, she is mortified to learn that Hyuk-joon took her DVD player to get repaired. Now it looks like the movie was just an excuse to get Jung-rok over.

So Yoon-seo prepares the movie on her laptop instead, and Jung-rok takes the chance to look at some of her awards. Yoon-seo, a bit embarrassed, admits that they’re all popularity awards, not for acting. Jung-rok sweetly says that’s impressive, because it’s hard to make people like you, which makes Yoon-seo smile.

Still, Yoon-seo says, she thinks that she would do a good job at acting now. Before, she didn’t know what it was like to have her heart flutter. Bashful, Yoon-seo says, “Now, I think I do.”

Pleased, but oh so awkward, Jung-rok looks around and points at one of Yoon-seo’s posters and asks what drama it’s from. In disbelief, Yoon-seo answers that it was the chocolate ad that made her famous – it’s why she’s called the ‘Chocolate Fairy’.

So instead of Roman Holiday, Jung-rok and Yoon-seo watch all her old ads and photoshoots. Yoon-seo points out how pretty she looked in them – and Jung-rok agrees but says, “You look even prettier now. Sitting in front of me.” Yep, that’s my heart on the floor.

Later that night, they break out the wine (that girl loves her wine as much as I do) and Jung-rok says he’s glad they couldn’t watch the movie. He adds, “Actually, I couldn’t sleep last night. Coming to your house made me feel unsure, nervous and excited all at the same time.”

But chatting with Yoon-seo, and looking at her photos put him at ease. Beyond relieved, Yoon-seo agrees that she was nervous too (and that she loved looking at photos of herself as well, lol). Her foot goes right back in her mouth as she adds, “I couldn’t stop thinking that you and I were at my place alone. And that made me imagine so many things.” I’m sure it did, Yoon-seo.

Ahahaha, Jung-rok’s slightly stunned face is hilarious. But not for long – as he leans over and plants a kiss on Yoon-seo. He whispers, “Things like this? Or this?” And he goes in for a longer smooch. Is it hot in here, or just me?

Alone the next day, Yoon-seo is on cloud nine and wonders if this feeling of bliss no matter what you do with a person is why people get married.

But those clouds have hidden thunderstorms, as Hyuk-joon discusses with CEO Yeon that Lee Gang-joon is back in South Korea. Hyuk-joon asks Yoon-seo if anyone suspicious has been hanging round, but doesn’t tell her the real reason he is asking. Why. Wut.

And they’re right to be worried. Someone is definitely following Yoon-seo, after she drops her pen in the car park. But Yoon-seo’s no dummy, and she flashes back to Hyuk-joon’s words. She whirls on the man behind her, and demands to know why he’s following her.

He tries to get the words out that she dropped her pen. Yoon-seo misunderstands and thinks he said he’s her fan, and denies that she’s a celebrity, “I’m just a normal girl who is exceptionally pretty!”

Oh, no. Oh, no. The man – Kwon Jae-bok – heads up to Always Law, because he’s there to see his son. Jung-rok. Of course, Yoon-seo thinks that he followed her, and tries to shoo him away – but I don’t think Dad even knows who she is, and drops the pen on her desk.

Exasperated, Dad explains he’s here to see his son, Jung-rok. The penny finally drops – and Yoon-seo is absolutely horrified. When Jung-rok and Dad go into Jung-rok’s office, she beats herself up over the way she acted. Aw.

Meanwhile, Jung-rok and his father have a very stiff conversation – and Dad even complains that Jung-rok always has to have the last word. I can see where he gets it from. But when Dad starts to nitpick about Yoon-seo (with the very same complaints Jung-rok once had), Jung-rok firmly shuts him down. Bothered, Jung-rok pushes his dad to get to the point. Angry at Jung-rok’s reception, Dad flares up, “Fine. I’m sorry to disturb you at work. I’ll go take care of my own work.”

Yoon-seo comes back with coffee in time to see Dad storming out. With a worried frown, she asks Jung-rok if his dad left because of her. Jung-rok dodges the question, and reassures her, “My dad and I clash every time we see each other. There’s no need for you to be worried about it.”

Things aren’t going well for Se-won either, as the case his team are close to prosecuting is stalled by their boss, and told to wrap up quickly. Se-won accuses his boss of giving in to the powerful (and dirty) Attorney Choi Yoon-su. Backed into a corner, his boss admits that this case was more difficult than he thought – and advises Se-won that it would be better for his career to drop the issue.

Meanwhile, Jung-rok learns from his mom that Dad really did come to the office earlier for a reason. Dad revealed that the deputy mayor was embezzling funds, and was unduly suspended. Jung-rok find his dad, protest sign in hand, and ushers him to a coffee shop to talk.

Dad gruffly says that he’s glad he was suspended, since now there’s a chance the media might shine a light on his protest. Jung-rok deduces that Dad was there to ask for his help in case his employment dispute went to trial, and asks in frustration why he couldn’t just say that in the first place.

Dad points out Jung-rok didn’t even give him a chance (except for the part where he asked why you were there and you left in a huff) and Jung-rok astutely answers, “You always have a knack for making me a bad son.”

Later that night, Yoon-seo says that Dad must have felt really bad. More than that, she laments her behavior, and says, “I totally ruined making a good impression.” Taking her hand, Jung-rok tells her not to worry and comforts her, “Once people know what kind of person you are, there’s no reason why anyone wouldn’t like you.”

The next day, Yoon-seo cheerily informs Jung-rok that she has cancelled all his meetings so he can accompany his dad to his suspension hearing, as support. When that doesn’t move Jung-rok, Yoon-seo turns on the (whiny) charm and asks him to do it for her – so she won’t feel bad about her mistake yesterday. Lol. It totally works.

At the hearing, Dad greets Jung-rok brusquely, but is secretly pleased he’s there. To Jung-rok’s surprise, he notices that Dad is nervous, and comforts him about the trial. Dad accepts the traditional Korean medicine (sent by Yoon-seo) for his nerves.

After the hearing, Jung-rok calls Yoon-seo to let her know that his dad’s suspension was affirmed, and asks her to prepare the documents for a lawsuit.

Jung-rok warmly thanks her for making him come, and for sending the medicine with him – while Dad looks on from afar, a small smile on his face. Hahaha, Yoon-seo asks Jung-rok to ‘lightly’ drop it in that she was the one who sent the medicine. Job done.

Se-won is determined not to give up on the case, but it’s getting him down. Yeo-reum finds him outside, looking glum, and comforts him with some coffee. Se-won asks for a hug, and hesitantly says, “I would appreciate it… if you could console me right now.” Wordlessly, Yeo-reum leans in and pulls him close so his head rests on her shoulder.

Hard at work on his dad’s brief, Jung-rok admits to Yoon-seo that at first he thought Dad was just making a fuss – but now he agrees that it’s important to fix what’s wrong. In court, Jung-rok’s newfound respect for his father shines through, as he makes a passionate plea for justice.

After court, Jung-rok invites Yoon-seo and his dad out to lunch – remembering Yoon-seo’s fear that Dad doesn’t like her. This throws Yoon-seo into a tizzy, but she resolves to take this last chance (and even makes her lips less ‘pinku-pinku’ in preparation).

But it seems like Jung-rok is trying his best to sabotage that. He tells Yoon-seo she doesn’t need to lie if she’s bored with their conversation, and then outs all the secrets she wanted him to tell his dad to make her look better. Ignoring Yoon-seo’s increasingly flustered looks, Jung-rok tops it off by saying, “I hope you like her too…since she’s my girlfriend.”

Dad and Yoon-seo are so shocked by the abrupt confession they knock over their cutlery. Jung-rok smiles slightly as Dad and Yoon-seo commiserate over how unexpected this is, and out of character for Jung-rok. Thawing, Dad smiles, “He must like you a lot to act this way. My son will lack in a lot of areas, so please be patient with him.”

But Yoon-seo objects that Jung-rok is ‘almost perfect’ and promises to treat him well. She even throws out her classic ‘hwaiting’ fists, which Dad returns. So cute.

Afterwards, Yoon-seo tells Jung-rok she was touched he confessed to his dad. Quick to praise her back, Jung-rok says that because she cared, he and his dad became closer. He thanks her for everything, and Yoon-seo replies that she was grateful to be able to help him while working alongside him. She says, “I love everything about working at Always Law.”

Looking more than a little lovestruck, Jung-rok slides over a gift box with a necklace inside, and tells Yoon-seo he wanted to buy her something ‘just because’. They goofily grin at each other, totally lost in their own little world.

So lost, in fact, that they don’t see that someone is creepily taking photos of them on their date. Yoon-seo’s stalker Gang-joon (just go away!) flips through his extensive catalogue of Yoon-seo photos. Her every move is being documented.

Now that they’re much closer, it occurs to Yoon-seo to ask Jung-rok why he keeps calling her ‘Oh Jin-shim’. Jung-rok replies that at first, he thought Oh Yoon-seo was just her stage name – but now he likes calling her by Oh Jin-shim since no one else does. Yoon-seo thinks about it, and happily agrees that she likes that reasoning.

The mood takes a turn as Yoon-seo notices a black car dogging them, and wonders if it’s following them. To test it, Jung-rok speeds up – and the car sticks to them like glue. Jung-rok abruptly pulls a U-turn in the road.

It isn’t enough, and the black car manages to keep pace. It overtakes them, and comes to a halt, forcing Jung-rok to pump the brakes as well.

When Yoon-seo looks up, the man that she hoped she’d never see again is waiting for her – Lee Gang-joon.

Jung-rok unbuckles his belt. Yoon-seo tries to stop him and softly pleas, “Stay in the car.” But Jung-rok just pats her hand in reassurance, and gets out to confront Gang-joon.

Tone hard, Jung-rok asks, “What’s this?”

Gang-joon doesn’t reply, and looks past Jung-rok to a terrified Yoon-seo. Unable to tear her eyes away, Gang-Soon holds Yoon-seo’s gaze – until Jung-rok deliberately steps between them. Gang-joon finally looks at Jung-rok. He smirks.



Well, well, well. We have finally arrived at the villain portion of the story, after a few creepy interludes and hints. Not that I mind that it’s taken so long – I’m smiling too much at the squee-inducing relationships that suddenly the credits roll, and I haven’t even noticed that nothing much has happened.

But now Gang-joon is here. The most infuriating thing in this episode wasn’t actually Gang-joon – let’s face it, he hasn’t done much of anything, other than look kind of menacing, I guess? Everything he has done is super creepy (and very illegal), from the photos, to chasing Yoon-seo and Jung-rok off the road – but he didn’t even utter a word, so it takes the bite out of it. I am under no illusion that Gang-joon will continue to hide in the shadows, and I’m sure that he will do something vile next week. But what actually stood out to me was Hyuk-joon and CEO Yeon’s conspiring to keep Gang-joon’s arrival from Yoon-seo. Especially Hyuk-joon, who seems to be Yoon-seo’s only true friend outside of Always Law. She can’t protect herself from dangers she doesn’t know about, Oppa! As if it wasn’t glaringly obvious before, this cosseting treatment is exactly why Yoon-seo is so naive and unprepared for a world outside of the entertainment industry. But this goes beyond not wearing the right clothes to the office, it’s making her vulnerable to real dangers.

Thankfully, Yoon-seo has Jung-rok on her side. But not in a knight in shining armor way. If I can stretch this metaphor a little more, Jung-rok isn’t the knight – he’s the squire, helping arm Yoon-seo for the battle to come. Yoon-seo has flourished so much at Always Law, from finding purpose in her work (it’s notable that she is praised for being good at her job at Always Law, when she was notoriously bad at acting) to becoming more independent and prepared. Yoon-seo has always been highly emotionally intelligent, which is why she’s so likeable and popular, but now she’s also getting the respect she craved. I hope it’s enough to confront her past ghost that has forced its way into her present. Because my heart dropped out at the look on Yoon-seo’s face when she finally saw Gang-joon. Even at just seeing him in the flesh again, Yoo Inna has sold the terror, and powerlessness, of being the object of Gang-joon’s obsession. In a twisted, horrible way, Yoon-seo’s life is like one of the dramas she channels – but it isn’t one that anyone would ever choose.

But everything else in this episode was pure joy. Jung-rok and Yoon-seo’s awkward, hilarious, swoony date was perfect. Jung-rok blundered his way round her darling apartment (yes, I wish I could live there) looking out of place and unerringly finding the one place she didn’t clean until it just felt… natural. It was a very nice touch to match his jumper to her skirt, so they looked like a perfect match sitting together. And can we talk about that kiss? I’m still not over that kiss, guys. For a guy who hasn’t dated before (as everyone loves to point out) he is a very quick study. But they weren’t the only ones going on a date – since Attorney Dan and Attorney Choi have their own delightful sub-romance playing out. Almost solely comedic, I’m still super invested in seeing the preening peacock and hopeless romantic get together – especially when it comes with ridiculous ukulele backhugs. Se-won and Yeo-reum even had their mini-coffee date, complete with a hug. Thank you, Reach for packing so much skinship into one episode.

I’m enjoying that the recent legal cases (if we have to have them) are all connected to the Always Law team. Sure, it’s totally unrealistic, but then again – what isn’t in this drama? It gives us more opportunity to spend time with our favorite characters without dragging the plot down. And this way, Yoon-seo and Jung-rok’s dad get their very own meet-cute – and highlights just how far Jung-rok has come when he leaps to Yoon-seo’s defence against the very accusations he threw at her. What is it about men in the Kwon family and judging the pinku-pinku force? They should know better, since Dad was even more quickly won round on Yoon-seo. Sounds about right to me.


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