Celebrity Music: The Roots’ Black Thought Gives Rap-Recap of 2020 ‘Political Frenzy’ on ‘Fallon’

Celebrity Music: The Roots’ Black Thought Gives Rap-Recap of 2020 ‘Political Frenzy’ on ‘Fallon’

Celebrity Music:

The Roots’ Black Thought summarized the crowded list of Democratic presidential candidates with a rap recap on Tuesday’s Tonight Show. “How many people are running? Man, you know there are plenty,” he flowed over his band’s simple, two-chord groove. “2020’s crazy packed — it’s a political frenzy.”

Between punchlines, the emcee managed to shoehorn in all the names poised to take on the Republican party in the next election — including a notable independent and one very famous rapper who previously teased a presidential run. 

“We’ve got Warren in the race, and she’s ready to rock/We’ve got Julian [Castro] and [Kamala] Harris pulling up on the block,” he rapped. “Cory Booker and [John] Delaney have the bald game locked/And Bernie [Sanders]’ back again — he’s looking like he got shot.”

“We’ve got [Marianne] Williamson and [Amy] Klobuchar and [Tulsi] Gabbard and [Andrew] Yang/Pete [Buttigieg] and [John] Hickenlooper have the funniest names,” he continued. “Howard Schultz is independent — he’s the Starbucks guy/I don’t know if he’ll run, but give me one Venti Chai/There’s also [Kirsten] Gillibrand and [Jay] Inslee — this is quite a barrage/And then Beto’s there, and [Joe] Biden gives a massage/It’s only 2019, and it’s anyone guess/Oh, and we’re still waiting to hear from Mr. Kanye West.”

West, who faced controversy after meeting with President Trump and donning a MAGA hat, originally announced his interest in a potential 2020 bid at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. However, he told a radio station in August that he’s now considering the 2024 election.

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