Celebrity News: No Filter: Hayley Kiyoko Meets Her Hero!

Celebrity News: No Filter: Hayley Kiyoko Meets Her Hero!

Celebrity News:

Once more, we are gathered here to celebrate the week in queer celebrity Instagram. Last week you guys all yelled at me for not being on top of this EXTREMELY IMPORTANT MOMENT:


— ice truck killer (@meIisandre) March 5, 2019

I KNOW, OKAY?!? I’m just as dead as you are.

In less earth-flattening news, Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne clearly no longer give a fuck about keeping their relationship “private” and honestly, who were they kidding anyway?

Yes, I know that Teddy Geiger has been getting more and more double posts lately – but honestly I just found this synth manual picture so attractive, I simply had to. These are the kinds of thirst traps that work on me.

And yeah yeah yeah, here’s your weekly Teddy Geiger Thirst Trap Award. Undefeated and still champion.


This is so endearingly dorky that I can’t even tease them for it.

I love it when people meet their favorite musicians and Hayley Kiyoko meeting Emily from Metric is so sincere and sweet!

Your pal Evan Rachel Wood representing Posh Spice. She’s also spent this week advocating for survivors of sexual assault.

Kehlani has been pregnant for the last eighty years and as of publication, there is no end in sight.

Take this sweet baby to the diner and buy her a sandwich.

Rutina Check-In: Still Gay.

And yet, King Princess remains the gayest one of all.

King Princess bless us, every one.

Celebrity News:

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