Celebrity Beauty: The 7 Most Popular Bridal Makeup Trends Of 2019


Celebrity Beauty:

Whether it’s a simple signing at city hall, in a sprawling field with

flowers in your hair

, or at a big banquet hall with a cathedral veil and a pipe organ, chances are if you want to

get married at some point

, you’ve thought about what your dream day would look like. Because even if you’re nowhere close to legally binding yourself to someone else, there’s no harm in curating the

perfect wedding Pinterest board

filled with crafty centerpieces you’ll probably never actually glue together.

And since


is the place where fantasy lives of all kinds are built, it’s the place we go to find out what’s trending in search for


, too. Beauty-wise, the platform’s data and analytics show us that the products and photos people are pinning actually translate to six stunning

makeup trends

that can inspire


bride, regardless of the locale or aesthetic. Check them out, and how to make them fit your own personal style, ahead.