Celebrity Movies: The Intense and Utter Weirdness Of ‘High IQ Societies’

Celebrity Movies: The Intense and Utter Weirdness Of ‘High IQ Societies’

Celebrity Movies:

It’s a mix of the adorably mundane and the insufferably pretentious. These are people who clearly wrote their clubs’ exhaustive constitutions, not because they needed them, but because they wanted to write a constitution. Wait, are high IQ societies just Reddit for old people?

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But there’s also outright arrogance. One member compiled examples of what he saw as club executive overreach, quoting Thomas Jefferson in his rambling essays about the cruel tyranny of not having a financial audit conducted to his satisfaction. In the midst of this, he casually mentioned, “This archive is intended to serve as a rallying point for those who object to authoritarian control in the high-IQ societies. If exceptionally intelligent people can’t throw off the yoke of tyranny the world at large has little realistic hope of doing so.” Hopefully he gets those issues sorted out soon, so that he can move on to peacefully bringing down the North Korean government!

Kevin LangdonIf any of their hyper-intellectual exchanges ever stray into why aliens don’t talk to us, we may have a theory to put forward.

There are many little moments like that, where it’s lamented that society isn’t built for the genius of people who are really good at anagrams. Most of their members don’t have that overt elitist streak, but there’s still a certain unspoken assertion in declaring that people must ace something called the Titan Test if they wish to be considered an equal to the Prometheus Society. Those of you who are up on your mythology will of course remember that Prometheus gave humanity the ability to strive for progress and scientific truth by running a Yahoo group and sporadically publishing a newsletter containing unusually difficult crossword puzzles.