Celebrity Dining: Inside Dear John’s, a Retro Return to the Glorious Rat Pack Era in Culver City

Celebrity Dining: Inside Dear John’s, a Retro Return to the Glorious Rat Pack Era in Culver City

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Celebrity Dining:

The full spread at Dear John’s
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Celebrity Dining: The limited-time throwback restaurant feels perfectly vintage

There have been many heydays of Los Angeles dining (including one happening right now), but more and more the city is looking to recreate a bit of its old Hollywood past, complete with restaurant decor and throwback menus that can feel perfectly encased in amber. That’s certainly the case with Dear John’s, the Frank Sinatra co-signed steak and martini bar in Culver City that reopened last week. Take a look inside (and take a gander at the dishes, too.)

Dear John’s is a collaborative effort between two already famous Los Angeles chefs: Hans Rockenwagner and Josiah Citrin. The pair have partnered up to shine a new light on what otherwise would have been an unceremonious departure for one of the greater Westside’s more storied dinnertime spots. Despite its unassuming exterior, Dear John’s has over the years played to many a celebrity, both in the old Hollywood era and beyond, but it fell into a few bad years and was briefly flipped to a new bar called Lucky’s. Now it’s called Dear John’s once again, but only until the building itself gets demolished to make way for a new development in April 2021.

Until then, Citrin and Rockenwagner are turning the place back in time with bright red tablecloths, dark booths, and dishes that keep that classical edge. There’s a punchy shrimp cocktail and a rich chicken parm on offer, plus cocktails like martinis and manhattans for all to enjoy. In short: Dear John’s is back, and may indeed be better than ever. But like all classic films, it’s only a matter of time before the final credits roll. Enjoy the show.

Dear John’s. 11208 Culver Blvd., Culver City, CA.

Celebrity Dining: dear johns

A classic ribeye

Celebrity Dining: dear johns

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