Celebrity Fitness: MAFS’ Rhyce Power breaks his silence after reports of ‘assault in Thailand’

Celebrity Fitness: MAFS’ Rhyce Power breaks his silence after reports of ‘assault in Thailand’

Celebrity Fitness:

Married At First Sight’s Rhyce Power has broken his silence after reports he allegedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Sierra on holiday in Thailand last month.

Shortly after Daily Mail Australia reported that Vanessa, 24, had filed for an intervention order (IVO) in Victoria, Rhyce shared a cryptic post to Instagram.

The post simply read, ‘Time discovers truth’, but the 28-year-old carpenter seemingly had a change of heart as he deleted it a few minutes later.

‘Time discovers truth’: Married At First Sight’s ‘hot brother’ Rhyce Power has broken his silence after allegations surfaced he assaulted his ex-girlfriend in Thailand. Pictured on MAFS

Rhyce, who became a viral sensation after briefly appearing at his sister Jessika’s wedding on MAFS, has been banned from contacting model Vanessa after allegedly assaulting her in Thailand.

The former couple were both in Phuket late last month attending a fitness training camp together at the Unit 27 gym. 

But things soured and it is alleged the pair had a physical altercation, ending with Vanessa packing her bags, heading back to Australia and filing for an intervention order.

Under the Victorian intervention order, which is similar to an apprehended violence order (AVO), the heavily-tattooed tradesman is banned from contacting Vanessa. 

Hmm: After Daily Mail Australia reported that Vanessa, 24, had filed for an intervention order (IVO) in Victoria, Rhyce shared this cryptic post to Instagram before deleting it minutes later

Bitter break-up: Rhyce has been banned from contacting model Vanessa Sierra after allegedly assaulting her in Thailand 

Rhyce became an overnight celebrity and was nicknamed the ‘hot brother’ after briefly appearing on Married At First Sight in late January.  

He started dating Vanessa just days before his television debut. 

According to Rhyce, the pair ‘organised a mutual break-up’ to be announced on Instagram before the allegations were made.  

He claims she aired the allegations ‘on the day we did a mutual and approved break-up post’, which has since been deleted.

Vanessa confirmed to Daily Mail Australia the incident did occur on the day of the break-up post, but says the split was ‘staged’ and they were still together. 

‘We were still together, and he thought we were still together until I left too,’ she said.

Holiday from hell: Vanessa (right) was on holiday in Thailand with Rhyce (left) last month. She returned to Australia early and filed for an intervention order (IVO) shortly after

‘The hot brother’: Rhyce became an overnight celebrity after appearing at his sister Jessika Power’s wedding to Mick Gould on Married At First Sight

In a lengthy statement shared to Instagram last week following his return to Sydney, Rhyce said there was more to the story.  

‘There’s always two sides to every story, and everyone needs to believe that,’ he said.

‘Everyone’s jumped on the bandwagon without even hearing my side of the story – which I understand – if a girl makes an allegation about a claim [sic], whether it’s an attractive girl or any girl, everyone’s going to jump on the bandwagon, and I fully understand that.’

Power said he had flown into Sydney last Wednesday.

‘I need to fly to Victoria about the AVO allegations, but according to my ex’s social media posts, she’s in Melbourne,’ he said. 

‘I have no intention of making her feel uncomfortable and fly there, so I will wait until she has left the state.

‘I’m hoping New South Wales police will share the allegations and claims with me, and I can take them to court and deal with them appropriately.’ 

Daily Mail Australia understands Rhyce was served his intervention order via email last Thursday. 

Early departure: Vanessa (pictured), who works as a model, left the couple’s fitness holiday in Thailand early, claiming she had a photo shoot to attend

As Rhyce concluded his statement, he threatened to unearth some of the woman’s dirty laundry. 

‘This is me now explaining myself,’ he said.

‘I don’t want to drag [Vanessa] through the mud g