Celebrity Beauty: The Best Waterproof Eyebrow Products, According To Makeup Artists

Celebrity Beauty: The Best Waterproof Eyebrow Products, According To Makeup Artists

Celebrity Beauty:

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“This pencil is amazing because it is slightly angled, so you get a very precise application with it. It’s waterproof, so doesn’t budge, and you can build the product up to make your brows look as natural or defined as you like. It’s available in many shades for pretty much everyone. It’s so easy to use, too. You just twist it up and go.” —

Abbey May

, professional makeup artist

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“This tint has a liquid felt-tip nib, which is great for defining, as well as a sponge on the opposite end to help blend and set the brows. It really allows you to create a more natural, long-lasting look. Plus, it’s available in a great shade range, which is especially useful for those with much lighter brows.” — May

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“This pencil is incredibly long-wearing. When defining your brows, work on the outer edges first to get the shape right, then mimic the hairs in the middle with soft strokes. If you start in the middle, it’s often easy to go too dark or dense, and you’ll likely have to start again.” —

Ruby Hammer MBE

, makeup artist, beauty expert, and brand creator

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“I love how thin this pencil is because it makes filling in gaps and mimicking each and every hair a very easy job. It’s one of the few brow pencils that is actually oil-free, which helps the product last longer on the brows and skin.” —

Joy Adenuga

, global makeup artist

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“This gel color is a favorite of mine when working with brides that have very oily skin or tend to get a bit sweaty. I also love the shade range.” — Adenuga

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“The nib on this pencil is thin but the texture is a little harder than most, which makes it easy to draw super fine strokes. The formula is also slightly waxy, so it stays where it is applied. I love the realistic shade range for all hair colors, too.” —

Kenneth Soh

, celebrity and editorial makeup artist

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“This is an incredible product: It’s smudge-proof, slide-proof and totally resistant to water. It’s a really easy pencil to use and comes with a spoolie on the opposite end to brush and groom the brows as you define them.” —

Katie Daley

, professional makeup artist