Celebrity Travel: Ten of the world’s wackiest hotel amenities

Celebrity Travel: Ten of the world’s wackiest hotel amenities

Celebrity Travel:

Forget disposable razors and mediocre chocolate on the bed at turn down.

These wacky and luxurious offerings take the concept of the hotel amenity to a whole new level.

From ukulele lessons at a resort in Hawaii to a Champagne vending machine at a Las Vegas hotel, scroll down to see the haute holidaying services that make for truly memorable stays…  

An £8,000 Champagne-filled bath 

Guests at Il Salviatino hotel in Florence can request a Champagne-filled tub

At the lavish Il Salviatino hotel in Florence bubble baths take on a whole new meaning. 

Guests can request for their tub to be filled ‘to the brim’ with their favourite ‘bubbles’, choosing from a Prosecco or Champagne.  

An additional bottle of fizz will also be provided, so bathers can quaff while they wash, and ‘scented candles will be lit to ensure the ultimate romantic experience for you and your loved one’. The price might be a little harder to swallow, though, with the champagne bath experience costing from €9000 (£8,017), according to your chosen tipple.

Lunch with sumo wrestlers

The Palace Hotel Tokyo’s ‘Sensationally Sumo’ package sees guests tour an arena, watch matches and have lunch with the athletes when it is off-season

For travellers wrestling with what to do in Japan’s capital city, the Palace Hotel Tokyo has a suggestion – a ‘Sensationally Sumo’ package. 

The experience sees guests tour an arena, watch matches and have lunch with the athletes when it is off-season. 

The tour is led by a specialised sumo sports broadcaster with a translator in tow, so travellers can fire questions their way. The package, which includes a two-night stay, breakfast and transportation, certainly packs a punch on the price front – it costs £5,262.60 (720,000 Japanese Yen). 

Animal onesies

 Guests are invited to unleash their wild side at California’s Hotel Erwin, with animal onesies provided as part of a package deal

Hip Hotel Erwin in California invites guests to ‘engage a playful side’ with adult-sized animal onesies. 

The knitted jumpsuits – there are more than 20 creatures to choose from – are provided for free as part of the hotel’s ‘Blamo package’.

An instant camera is left in the room, so travellers can document themselves being ‘tricky like fox, mythical like unicorn, playful like bunny, royal-like tiger, silly like panda and more’. For those aged over 21, a bottle of liquor is thrown in ‘to really uncage that “where the wild things are” mentality’.  

Soap concierge

Latherly: Viceroy Riviera Maya in Mexico employs a soap concierge, who crafts bars of soap to suit guest tastes

At the luxury Viceroy Riviera Maya hotel in Mexico the bar is set high. The soap bar that is.

That’s because the resort employs a soap concierge, who crafts bars of soap to suit guest tastes. 

The soap maestro arrives at every villa with an ‘array of fragrant’ varieties, ‘from cinnamon in winter to lemon in summer’. Once the desired scent has been picked, the blocks are hand cut into more manageable sizes. 

Ukulele lessons

Guests at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai in Hawaii can take a ukulele lesson during their stay 

At Four Seasons Resort Hualalai in Hawaii you can get into the island groove with a ukulele lesson. 

Guests can try their hand at twanging the stringed instrument while sitting by the ocean. 

Other quirky lessons on offer at the hotel include hula dancing and floral lei-making. 

Take Cosmo the dog for a walk

Cosmo the dog is the star attraction at Montpelier Plantation & Beach in St. Kitts & Nevis

For animal-lovers, Montpelier Plantation & Beach in St. Kitts & Nevis might appeal.

The Caribbean resort is home to a family-friendly dog, which is available for guests to take on walks and cuddle. 

The resort told MailOnline Travel that the pooch, named Cosmo, is ‘extremely popular’ with holidaymakers and he tends to makes appearances at breakfast and throughout the day. But his favourite spot to hang out is poolside.

Champagne vending machine

Champagne-lovers will rejoice at this Moët & Chandon vending machine located inside the Waldorf Astoria, Las Vegas

The party never stops at the Waldorf Astoria, Las Vegas, with a Champagne vending machine delivering bubbles 24/7.

The chilled kiosk serves up miniature bottles of Moët & Chandon, with a choice between Imperial Brut or rose.

To get the fizz, guests must show proof of age and purchase a $20 coin to work the machine from the hotel’s front desk. The dispenser is located on the 23rd floor by the Skybar. 

Play at being detective

Conrad London St. James offers a children’s detective experience where participants learn skills such as chromatography and fingerprint testing. They also get a forensic suit to take home 

Inspired by its location near to New Scotland Yard, Conrad London St. James offers a children’s detective experience for budding crime solvers.  

The immersive experience was created by former Scotland Yard-trained detectives and Metropolitan police officers, and participants will learn skills such as chromatography and fingerprint testing.

At the end of their time as an investigator, children get an evidence bag to keep, with contents including a crime scene tape, pencil, notepad and detective award. They can also hang on to their forensic suit as a holiday memento. 

Create your own fireworks

At Las Ventanas al Paraiso Rosewood Resort in Mexico, guests of its most exclusive mansion can create their own firework display, with the illuminations available to order via an app

Want to set your holiday off with a bang?

Well, travellers who book the £28,302-a-night Ty Warner Mansion at Las Ventanas al Para