Celebrity Health: Celebrities advertise abortion to young girls – Washington Examiner

Celebrity Health: Celebrities advertise abortion to young girls – Washington Examiner

Celebrity Health:

Even as states pass radical pro-abortion bills such as the recent one in Illinois, which removes all protections for preborn children, celebrities continue to promote abortion as a social good.

Members of the entertainment industry have fought against life-affirming bills such as those in Georgia and Alabama by encouraging sex strikes and threatening to boycott states that pass restrictions on abortion. They seem to find it unfathomable that preborn human beings should be valued and saved.

Famous women who consider themselves role models for little girls, such as Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande, have been vocal about their support for abortion, continuing to push the idea on young girls that abortion is heavily intertwined with their right to achieve success, convincing them that the humanity of others must be denied if they’re to find happiness.

Gomez, a former Disney Channel actress and singer, has been open about her views on abortion, claiming to stand for women’s bodily autonomy by recently donning a “1973” necklace to commemorate Roe v. Wade. The necklace was obviously not just Gomez’s way of expressing her abortion advocacy, but to inspire her fans into action. The necklace was designed by Sophie Ratner Jewelry, a brand that has pledged to donate 30% of their proceeds to Physicians for Reproductive Health, an effort Gomez clearly intends to support by encouraging her fans to buy their product.

Physicians for Reproductive Health is closely aligned with very controversial abortion figures. Serving as the chairman of the board for the pro-abortion group for three years, Dr. Willie Parker was forced to resign after pro-choice feminist Candice Russell accused him of sexual assault. When she heard herself referred to as “one of Willie’s girls,” Russell realized it was likely she was not the only woman Parker had abused.

Another abortionist associated with the organization Gomez is endorsing is Dr. Leroy Carhart, a former board member of Physicians for Reproductive Health and a late-term abortionist with a reputation for severely injuring his patients. Carhart botched an abortion so horribly on a young teen with down syndrome, Christin Gilbert, that the procedure caused her to get sepsis. Gilbert bled from every orifice before she died.

Other abortionists associated with the Physicians for Reproductive Health have been caught operating unsafe clinics with multiple health violations and harvesting the aborted parts of patients’ babies without the patient’s permission.

Sadly, Gomez is not the only female celebrity looking to influence her young fans into supporting abortion despite the danger it presents to women. In an effort to protest the recent abortion law in Georgia, Grande donated the proceeds of her concert to Planned Parenthood, an amount that was close to $250,000. Planned Parenthood’s president, Leana Wen, delivered a personal expression of gratitude to Grande, thanking her for helping to defend access to “reproductive health care.”

But the reproductive care Planned Parenthood provides that Grande is defending includes routinely attempting to cover up medical emergencies and placing women in danger with little regard for their safety. There are even cases where Planned Parenthood has aided sexual abusers in covering up their crimes against women.

If these celebrities truly want to help women, they should endorse groups that offer material resources and provide counseling, rendering abortion unnecessary. Organizations such as Care Net empower women and men in their pregnancy decisions, continuing to support them even after the child is born. Helping to provide women with the emotional and physical care they need to have their babies is a cause that celebrities like Gomez and Grande could easily champion in front of their fans. Instead, they have unfortunately opted to model a pro-abortion mindset for the girls who admire them.

Samantha Kamman writes for LoneConservative.com.

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