Celebrity Gossip: Jenelle Evans Taunts Amber Portwood in Wake of Troubling Arrest

Celebrity Gossip: Jenelle Evans Taunts Amber Portwood in Wake of Troubling Arrest

Celebrity Gossip:

Jenelle Evans and Amber Portwood have a lot in common.

They are both members of Teen Mom Nation…  they both have multiple children… and they’ve both run afoul of the law on multiple occasions.

The latest (SERIOUS!) transgression took place early on the morning of July 5, when Portwood got arrested for felony domestic assault.

The victim? Andrew Glennon, Amber’s long-term boyfriend and the father of her one-year old son.

According to a 911 dispatch call, Glennon feared for his toddler’s life.

Like we said: SERIOUS stuff.

So, how did Evans reacts to this Portwood news? In typical Evans fashion.

Scroll down to see what we mean…

Celebrity Gossip:
Let’s Start with What Happened

Celebrity Gossip: Let's Start with What Happened

Around 3 a.m. on July 5, Glennon texted 911 (this is permitted in the state of Indiana) and said that Amber attacked him while he was holding little James.

Celebrity Gossip:

Celebrity Gossip: YIKES

A spokesperson for the Indiana Police Department spoke to Radar Online and confirmed what led to Portwood’s arrest, telling the celebrity gossip website: “I received a text message from somebody saying that their life and their son’s life is in danger. During which time the female, later identified as Amber Portwood, assaulted him, while he was holding their 1-year-old child.”

Celebrity Gossip:
Now What?

Celebrity Gossip: Now What?

Portwood was taken into custody on a FELONY charge of domestic violence. She is due in court for a hearing on July 8.

Celebrity Gossip:
There’s a History Here

Celebrity Gossip: There's a History Here

A pretty major one: Amber was arrested back on 2010 for also attacking then-boyfriend Gary Shirley.

Celebrity Gossip:
She Went to Jail for the Act

Celebrity Gossip: She Went to Jail for the Act

After violating terms of her probation by taking drugs, Portwood spent 17 months in prison, starting in early 2013.

Celebrity Gossip:
But Gary is Here for Her Now

Celebrity Gossip: But Gary is Here for Her Now

In a way. This is what he wrote in Twitter in the wake of Amber’s arrest.