Celebrity Travel: Taylor Swift is the ‘highest paid celebrity,’ made $185 million in the past year


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Celebrity Travel: Taylor Swift returns home from Gigi Hadid's birthday in New York

Taylor Swift is the richest victim in the world! She really is. She’s a pretty, tall, enormously rich white lady who has convinced the world that everyone is out to get her, that no one wants to see her succeed, that she cannot live her life without mean bullies raking her over the coals over nothing that was ever her fault. In case you’re wondering just how successful Taylor’s snake act is, Tay once again tops Forbes’ list of top-earning celebrities.

Taylor Swift is the highest-paid celebrity of the past year, raking in a whopping $185 MILLION … which just might help her get over her “grossed out” feelings about losing her early catalog. Forbes dropped its Celebrity 100 list Wednesday, and Taylor tops the charts with the biggest earnings total of her career. The mag says her estimated pay increased an insane 131% from the year before, when she made a paltry $80 mil.

This marks the second time the singer has been top dog on The Celebrity 100 … she was also the top earner back in 2016, capturing the No. 1 spot with $170 million — thanks to The 1989 World Tour. Touring is filling Taylor’s coffers again this time around … the Reputation Stadium Tour broke her own record as the highest-grossing tour in the United States with an eye-popping $266.1 million. She also toured overseas, and those shows bring the tour’s overall income to $345 mil.

[From TMZ]

I always wonder about Forbes’ numbers and how they calculate all of that stuff – it would not surprise me at all if Taylor’s Reputation Tour grossed (in total) $345 million, but of course Taylor didn’t take home even half of that after costs, expenditures, salaries, travel, taxes and more. Besides, the biggest revenue for EVERY touring musical act is the merch, not ticket sales. Merchandise is where it’s at, which is probably why Taylor is now doing a clothing line. More merch, more money.

Speaking on money and how Taylor is loaded… questions remain about just how it came to be that Scooter Braun bought Taylor’s masters (through the purchase of Big Machine) and whether Taylor even sought to buy her masters at any point. Scooter Braun’s side is still saying that what he did was just business, and that… Taylor is still misrepresenting her knowledge of everything. From Us Weekly’s cover story:

Now they’ve got bad blood! Don’t expect Taylor Swift to work with music manager Scooter Braun any time soon. The “You Need to Calm Down” singer, 29, slammed the exec, 38, for purchasing her masters — but that might not be the whole story.

“Scooter has tried to reach Taylor though multiple channels,” a source tells Us exclusively. “He was really shocked at her response. Scooter won’t be commenting publicly about this… He wants to have a private, direct conversation with Taylor.”

The insider adds that Taylor’s version of events doesn’t match up with the timetable of the record label’s sale. “The potential sale of Big Machine, and Taylor’s renegotiation with Big Machine were widely reported and in that entire process,” adds the source. “Taylor didn’t reach out once about wanting her masters.”

[From Us Weekly]

Ever since Taylor posted her essay on her Tumblr two Sundays ago, I’ve wondered so much about the issue of Taylor buying her masters. I actually believe the root of what Taylor claimed, which is that she was offered the chance to own her masters if she renewed her contract with Big Machine. The particulars of that deal are disputed (and Scott Borchetta has the receipts to prove his side), but I actually kind of wonder if Taylor KNEW that she could force the issue and start a conversation about what kind of money she would have to pay to Big Machine to buy her masters. Her lawyer said that she wasn’t given the opportunity to bid on the masters, but… I wond

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