Celebrity Charity: Celebrity Treasure Island: What we know so far

Celebrity Charity: Celebrity Treasure Island: What we know so far

Celebrity Charity:

OPINION: Celebrity Treasure Island is making its 2019 comeback and I’m here for it.

Unlike nearly every NZ reality show, Celebrity Treasure Island has a pretty decent track record. There’s always a good chunk of drama that ends up going down. It’s a perfect mix of hard-core NZ athletes crossed with mid-level TV personalities.

The result is a beautiful cocktail of competitive drama. I’m genuinely excited for it, which is a real first. 

Celebrity Charity: How the heck did they land Eric Murray?


How the heck did they land Eric Murray?

Several memories have stuck with me from previous seasons. 


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Season one was the Cocksy season. Sadly, New Zealand builder and TV-legend, John Cocks, passed away in January this year.

He was the crowd favourite during his season, the one everyone was going for. Which is why there was such an outrage when Erika Takas stole Cocksy’s treasure hole. Do you remember? Erika and Cocksy were both frantically digging for treasure. Cocksy had about 30 holes, and Erica had about two.

Celebrity Charity: Remember the Cocksy 'treasure hole' scandal?


Remember the Cocksy ‘treasure hole’ scandal?

Erika spun around when Cocksy wasn’t looking, jumped in his treasure hole, and tried to steal it. Luckily, he caught her just in time and won the show, but the stealing of the hole was a national outrage regardless.

In the 2003 season, Louise Wallace was a shredded, ripped legend. I have vivid memories of her doing angry sit-ups in the sand, and I certainly hope to see a lot more “Louise Wallace doing angry sit-ups” energy in this 2019 season. 

Speaking of the 2019 season, I’ve got my chubby little mitts on the press pack, which is full of information about the cast and hints about what we can expect to see on this season.  


It’s basically just a bunch of sexy people running around in the sand. What’s not to like? There are a few tracking shots as the cast runs through the bush. We see people holding coloured-chalk-candle-things, and the camera operator enjoys using the drone they hired.

Compared to the Cats movie trailer, this is bliss. 


The iconic show returns to TVNZ.


Summed up in a classic Kiwi way: “Sixteen celebrities marooned on an island. Two captains hold all the power. Only one will find the hidden treasure.”

Obviously we have many questions. “What is the treasure?” “What is the captain actually captaining?” “What is a celebrity?” 


Straight off the bat, the women are all 10/10 babes. There’s 16 contenders all up, including athletes, singers, TV personalities and actors. The winning “treasure hunter” gives $100,000 to a charity of their choosing. Each cast member has been asked a series of questions, so I’ve collated my favourite answers below. 

Lilly McManus:

Celebrity Charity: How can you not back Lily McManus?


How can you not back Lily McManus?

You’ll remember Lily as the funny one from The Bachelor who skateboarded through a fountain while drinking a beer. 

Did you watch any of the previous seasons of Celebrity Treasure Island?

“I didn’t watch any earlier seasons of Treasure Island, but I did see a few images of a young Dom Bowden and that will be my motivator.”

See what I mean? Hilarious. 

Matty McLean:

Celebrity Charity: Matty, we'd be lost without wine, too.


Matty, we’d be lost without wine, too.

You’ll know him currently as the Breakfast weather presenter. 

How will you cope without your creature comforts?

“I love a comfy bed, I love a hot shower, I love a good home-cooked meal and a glass of wine, so this will be tough.” 

We feel you, Matty. Surviving without wine? No way, rose. 


Celebrity Charity: Ladi6 brings hip hop royalty to the island.


Ladi6 brings hip hop royalty to the island.

Ladi6 is multi-award-winning hip hop royalty.  

Which charity are you supporting?

“I’m supporting Safe Man Safe Family, a charity that my dad founded and one I have a very personal attachment to. I’ve seen first-hand the changes that have happened in my dad.” 

Barbara Kendall

Celebrity Charity: Barbara Kendall is going to be hard to beat.


Barbara Kendall is going to be hard to beat.

One of New Zealand’s most successful and enduring sportspeople, Barbara is truly is an Olympic legend. I want her to win if Lily doesn’t. 

If you could sneak anything onto the island, what would it be?

“Fishing gear, because I would really like to not just have beans and rice [to eat]. It would be nice to have some fish.”

An answer only legends would think of. 

Eric Murray

Celebrity Charity: Eric Murray is clearly a strong contender.


Eric Murray is clearly a strong contender.

Literally an Olympic medallist and rowing champion who won gold at the London 2012 and 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. How did they get him to agree to this?

Strangest thing you’re taking to the island?

“I did bring my shaver, as I’ve got a bit of a trademark going on.”

Of course you did, you sexy moustache-wearing Olympic gold medallist.