Celebrity Charity: Celebrity Treasure Island: All for a good cause

Celebrity Charity: Celebrity Treasure Island: All for a good cause

Celebrity Charity:

Lily McManus

The National Foundation For The Deaf supports people who are hearing impaired.

“I wear hearing aids myself. I just want to be that person that I wanted, when I was a kid, to look up to, to tell me that everything is normal and that it’s going to be OK and that I should get the help that I need. I kind of feel like I owe it to the universe to be that person.”

Moses Mackay

The Dream Chaser Foundation raises awareness about the bone marrow registry.

“It’s close to me because my little brother and my uncle were affected by it. They both had cancer in the bone and so it’s in our family. A big reason why I’m here on the island is to create awareness on this platform for people, Pacific Island people, of all cultures. When you go and give blood, you can actually tick a box where you can give bone marrow at the same time.” 


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Ladi 6

Safe Man Safe Family aims to break the cycle of domestic violence. It was founded by Ladi 6’s father, Vic Tamati.

“My charity’s literally the number one reason why I really, really wanted to do this. I really feel like it truly changes people because I’ve seen it personally in my family with my dad. Me and my dad have a really close relationship and he was really emotional about me even (participating) because I really pushed to represent this charity.”

Eric Murray

Autism New Zealand offers support to families with children with autism.

“I’ve chosen Autism New Zealand for my charity and it’s because my son’s on the autism spectrum. So I know what people and parents and caregivers and educators need for children with autism. The ability to be able to provide something from my position would be incredible. It changes lives. It can help out so many people.”

Celebrity Charity: Team Kahu: Sam Wallace, Ladi6, Shannon Ryan, Eric Murray, Jodie Rimmer, Zac Guildford, Karl Burnett and Lily McManus


Team Kahu: Sam Wallace, Ladi6, Shannon Ryan, Eric Murray, Jodie Rimmer, Zac Guildford, Karl Burnett and Lily McManus

Sam Wallace

The Starship Foundation raises money to invest in children’s healthcare.

“My little nephew was born with a heart defect and had to have two heart surgeries. He’s got a big old scar down his chest. He’s now five years old and really happy and healthy and the only reason he’s alive is because of the surgeons at Starship. If I can win this and score $100,000 for my charity I suspect that would potentially be a couple of surgeries that could save some other kids’ lives.”

Zac Guildford

UpsideDowns provides specialised therapies for children who have Down syndrome.

“My little cousin has Down syndrome, yeah it is quite personal. I feel quite privileged that I can come in here and, hopefully, do well for him.”

Shannon Ryan

Blind Foundation Guide Dogs helps give independence to people who are blind or have low vision.

“My brother is visually impaired and through his journey with that I had the opportunity to see the amazing work that the New Zealand Blind Foundation do, so it was a no brainer. What they’re doing is nothing short of exceptional and I wanted to do this for my brother as well. I wanted to do something that would show him that his sister loves him very much.”

Karl Burnett

St John provides healthcare and ambulance services.

“I chose St Johns because they don’t get enough money, basically. And the paramedics, certainly it wouldn’t matter how much you paid them it wouldn’t be enough. I’ve had to use their services a couple of times myself, once for me last year and once for my son. He’s only four months old at the moment, so yeah they were amazing.”

Jodie Rimmer

Talk Peach raises awareness of gynaecological cancer.

“I think a lot of people think if they get their cervical smear they’re sorted but that’s only one of five cancers. A friend of mine had uterine cancer a few years ago. She’s the godmother of my child. Last year it killed more people than the roads did and more people than melanoma did. And we don’t really talk about it.” 

Matty McLean

RainbowYOUTH provides support and services for LGBTQI+ youth.

“It’s really tough for people going through this sense of struggling with their identity and their sexuality to find the support that they need. Rainbow Youth provides a lot of support counselling services. There’s really high suicide rates amongst the LGBTQI+ community. As a gay man myself, it just kind of was a no-brainer that they would be my charity.”

Barbara Kendall

Surf Life Saving New Zealand provides lifeguard services on New Zealand beaches.

“It’s a perfect fit. I spend my life on beaches and surf beaches and I’m a surfer. I’ve never had to be rescued by them, which is a good thing, but they do save lives.” 

Celebrity Charity: Team Mako: Moses Mackay, Shane Cameron, Lana Van Hout, Athena Angelou, Matty McLean, Barbara Kendall, Rosanna Arkle and Gary Freeman.


Team Mako: Moses Mackay, Shane Cameron, Lana Van Hout, Athena Angelou, Matty McLean, Barbara Kendall, Rosanna Arkle and Gary Freeman.

Lana Van Hout

Child Cancer Foundation provides support to families and children affected by child cancer.

“I used to do volunteer work at Starship in the oncology ward. For two years there I would go in once a week and play with the children. I think the work the Child Cancer Foundation does is amazing, what they do in supporting the children.”

Athena Angelou

Diabetes New Zealand represents and supports people with diabetes.

“I read the stats on kids and New Zealand kids are not only obese, a lot of them are diabetic and I’m from South Auckland, and that’s where the majority of them are.” 

Rosanna Arkle

Heart Kids New Zealand provides support to children and families affected by a heart condition.

“I’ve got a very close friend in Australia whose baby was born with a congenital heart defect and I saw how hard that was for her and her family.” 

Gary Freeman

Big Buddy NZ recruits positive male role models to mentor fatherless boys.

“I look at the stories I’ve read about the guys who are mentoring these boys and it’s just so good. It’s so good that people are taking the time out to help other people.” 

Shane Cameron

Key To Life supports mental health services and suicide prevention.

“Mental health is a major issue with a lot of people so it’s a great cause.”


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