Celebrity Fitness: Revenge Body: Khloe Kardashian changes lives of two women with cheating boyfriends and mother issues

Celebrity Fitness: Revenge Body: Khloe Kardashian changes lives of two women with cheating boyfriends and mother issues

Celebrity Fitness:

Pregnancies, cheating boyfriends and an inability to connect with mom were behind the weight gain of two women on Sunday’s Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian.

And reality star Khloe, 35, told the ladies that she understood where they were coming from, telling them: ‘Being cheated on sucks.’

Khloe’s ex Tristan Thompson 28, cheated on her shortly before she gave birth to her daughter True, in April 2018.  

‘Being cheated on sucks’: Khloe Kardashian discussed ex Tristan Thompson’s infidelity in Revenge Body on Sunday

Honest: She also admitted she felt ‘overwhelmed’ by her post-baby body goals – pictured towards the end of her pregnancy

He also kissed Kylie Jenner’s former BFF Jordyn Woods and while Khloe had been trying to make the romance work, the couple split for good in February.

Talking about her own revenge body, Khloe said she felt ‘overwhelmed’ by trying to get her pre-baby body back as she discussed her own journey with the ladies on her show.  

Terra, who weighed in at 191 lbs, said her eating got out of control after her mom died of a heart attack in April 2015.

Own experiences: The reality star drew on her own experiences to help Terra and Alexandria

‘My life just blew up in front of my face when I lost my mom,’ the woman said, explaining that she’d initially been told her mother would be fine, but on discharge, ‘her heart exploded.’

As she resumed her life after that loss, she started dating a man named Chad, and conceived her daughter Sayer, now nearly two.

Chad prepared for the baby with her, attending doctor’s appointments, baby showers and prenatal classes.

But when she was eight months pregnant, she found out he had a girlfriend the whole time. She was still conflicted.

‘Even though I’m so angry, and I have a lot of terrible feelings toward Chad, I feel like, for the sake of my daughter, at the end of this, if Chad wanted to, I may get back together with him.’

She wanted to take ‘revenge’ on both her mom and Chad.

‘I had a little bit of confidence, now I don’t have any confidence,’ she told Khloé.

Cheating boyfriend: Terra told Khlow how her boyfriend Chad had another girlfriend while she was pregnant

The show’s host, 35, commiserated.

‘When I just had the baby [daughter True Thompson, 1], I really thought, ”Ok, I’m gonna give birth and I’m gonna be back, my body’s gonna be back”,’ she said.

‘And then I felt really overwhelmed with, ”How am I going to lose all this weight again, in my life?”

Body back: Khloe told Terra how she thought her body would bounce back after giving birth

‘But if you really want something bad enough, you’ll fight for it.’

Terra hadn’t worked out in three years, and was ‘a little intimated.’

She was paired with Autumn Calabrese, who enrolled her in her 80 Day Obsession workout program, and immediately started her on weights and resistance training.

Celebrity trainer: Autumn Calabrese was assigned to work with Terra

‘Oh my gosh, this person is about to kick my ass,’ Terra worried, describing Autumn as ‘5’2′ and solid muscle.’

Terra had to exercise with Autumn five days a week. She’d be eating 40 percent carbs, 30 percent lean protein and 30 percent healthy fats, the trainer said.

Autumn wanted her to lose at least 25 lbs.

Little intimidated: Terra had not worked out for three years and admitted to being intimidated

‘I just don’t feel like I look like a woman,’ Terra said, dejected.

‘Your stomach carried your baby,’ Autumn replied. ‘Don’t beat yourself up so bad.’

To cameras, Autumn confessed: ‘The biggest challenge is going to be getting her to feel better in her own skin.’

Alexandria, 22, had similar self-esteem issues.

Self-esteem issues: Alexandria, 22, also had similar self-esteem issues

As a 14-year-old kid, she loved playing softball. Then she got pregnant and her mother insisted that she have an abortion.

After the procedure, Alexandria’s grades plummeted.

‘I didn’t care who I was. I didn’t care if I would get in fights at school,’ she told Khloe.

Teen pregnancy: Khloe listened as Alexandria talked about getting pregnant at age 14

When she shared her secret with other girls at school, they called her ‘a baby murderer’ and it sent her spiraling.

‘I quit softball, and I just slipped into a really deep and dark depression,’ she remembered. ‘And then I just started turning to food for comfort.’

‘I still haven’t actually processed what happened to me when I was 14. I don’t know who Alexandria is anymore,’ she admitted.

Former player: Alexandria quit playing softball and turned to food for comfort

In high school, Alexandria met a man named Fernando, whom she had been dating for the past four years.

Last year, she found out that he cheated on her.

‘He’s like, ”I need to tell you something: I f***ed another girl”,’ she recalled.

Cheated on: Khloe empathized as Alexandria told how her boyfriend cheated on her

He didn’t know her name, he said, but she ‘looked like Kendall Jenner.’

‘And here I am, 4’11’, tubby,’ Alexandria insulted herself.

‘Being cheated on sucks, but that doesn’t mean you need to say, ”Man, if I looked like her, that probably wouldn’t have happened”,’ Khloé pointed out.

It sucks: The reality star admitted that being cheated on sucks

‘It probably would have happened, sad to say. That’s his issue,’ Khloe added.

Alexandria blamed herself for the cheating, thinking that it might have been her fault for ‘gaining so much weight.’

The stress made her gain more weight, and she went from 170 lbs. to 220 lbs.

‘Every time something bad happens to me in my life, I turn to food,’ she affirmed. ‘I have lost control.’

Stress gain: Alexandria said she went from 170 lbs to 220 lbs

Alexandria sought revenge on Fernando, to show him he couldn’t do that to her again.

‘I’m done being in this dark hole,’ she said.

Her trainer was fitness and lifestyle consultant Ashley Borden, who also trains Ryan Gosling and Christina Aguilera.

Alexandria first weighed in at 226 lbs.

On it: Ashley Borden was assigned to help Alexandria lose weight

‘It’s scary,’ she told Ashley. ‘I could collapse tomorrow.’

‘We could change this,’ Ashley emphasized, suggesting that Alexandria could safely aim to lose 40 lbs.

Soon the young woman was rolling tires, running, crawling across turf, and throwing medicine balls.

Working out: Alexandria was soon working out under Ashley’s guidance

Alexandria, who often dined on fast food, eventually threw up.

‘Watching Alex vomit, it’s like an exorcism,’ Ashley confided.

‘This is the poison in your body literally and figuratively coming out,’ she told Alexandria. 

Alexandria would be training with her up to three times a day, six days a week. She would also be following the SOS food plan, full of ‘whole, colorful, crunchy foods.’

To complete her task, Alexandria had to move to L.A. to train, which was four hours away from Fernando.

Coming out: Alexandria vomited during the first workout

It turned out she liked ‘being alone, just bettering myself.’

After three weeks, she was down 15 lbs.

Alexandria cried when she thought about telling her ‘healthy’ mom about her weight-loss plan and Fernando’s cheating.

Her mother had previously left her father when he cheated, and the girl feared she would see her as weak.

‘I can feel it from her,’ Ashley agreed. ‘What she really, really wants is her mom’s love.’

Getting emotional: The journey made Alexandria get emotional as she reflected on her life

‘Ashley is making me realize my reveal isn’t about Fernando at all,’ Alexandria revealed. ‘It’s about my mom and me.’

For her part, Terra was worried about meeting with Chad to figure out a co-parenting agreement for Sayer.

After 3.5 weeks, she was down eight lbs., and had gotten much stronger, but she had a hard time opening up.

‘I’m worried with my child that when this comes out on TV, it’s going to come back and bite me on the ass,’ she told Autumn.

Getting stronger: Terra after three weeks lost eight lbs and was getting stronger

‘I don’t want Sayer’s dad to look at me and be like, ”She’s too stressed to handle this”,’ she added.

Autumn, a single mom, understood. She also said that Terra’s journey was not just about her weight.

‘I’ve gotten it off a million people,’ she noted. ‘The sad part is when we get it off and I watch it all come right back on because they didn’t deal with their mind.’

Alexandria had purposely been giving Fernando ‘the cold shoulder, because I’m enjoying my alone time,’ she said.

Cold shoulder: Fernando had been given the cold shoulder by Alexandria on purpose after cheating on her

With six weeks to go, she was down 22 lbs.

She realized that her love for him had been keeping the relationship together.

‘I felt like he would never do anything like that to me,’ she told Ashley, crying. ‘It’s not OK.’

‘I want to break up with him. I feel like it’s time to put me first.’

She went outside and did it by phone.

Breaking up: Alexandria after gaining more self-esteem called up Fernando and broke up with him

‘I’m not the same girl I was last year,’ she told him. ‘It’s not gonna work out.’

Terra and Chad came up with a parenting agreement.

With seven weeks to go, she had lost 22 lbs.

She no longer wanted Chad at the reveal.

‘I definitely feel like I’m doing this a lot more for me and for Sayer now,’ she said.

Reveal decision: Terra decided that she didn’t want Chad at her reveal

Alexandria was down 28 lbs. with one month left, and marveled at how far she had come.

Soon she had just a few days to wait, and was considering asking Fernando to the reveal.

Khloé advised against it.

‘It’s about you and your relationship with your mom, and I think if you make this about you and her, and you work on that,