Celebrity Fitness:

Celebrity Fitness: Celebrity personal trainer shares the ultimate 9-step glute workout to give you a toned and pert derrière

  • Cecilia Harris, 48, from Essex, shares her workout tips to get your glutes fired up
  • Launched fitness service Results with Lucy in 2013 with Lucy Mecklenburgh
  • Good glutes improve posture, athletic performance and reduces injuries

By Sarah Finley For Mailonline

Published: 04:13 EDT, 7 September 2019 | Updated: 06:47 EDT, 7 September 2019

If you’re in search of a pert derriere – but don’t have a fancy gym membership or much equipment, celebrity personal trainer Cecilia Harris has come up with the ultimate workout.   

Cecilia Harris, 48, from Essex, shares her workout tips, from side steps with resistance bands to the more unusual fire hydrant exercises, which will get those glutes all fired up. 


The mother-of-one of has been working with Lucy Mecklenburgh’s – the former Only way is Essex star, since 2013 when they launched the fitness service together – Results with Lucy.  

Cecile says: ‘Not only do strong glutes look great but they’re the gold standard when it comes to improving your posture, improving athletic performance and reducing your chance of injury.’ 

All exercises should be repeated three times and for a maximum of 30 seconds, with a ten second breather. 

The mother-of-one, Cecile Harris (pictured) of has been working with Lucy Mecklenburgh’s – the former Only way is Essex star, since 2013 when they launched the fitness service together – Results with Lucy



To hone your technique, you can first try these without resistance bands. Essentially it’s about getting down into a mid-range squat position, keeping your hips level at all times. They’ll burn but will soon get your glutes fired up


Stabalise yourself on all fours then, with or without a weight attached to your leg, in a right angle start to move it out to the side. it’s paramount that you keep your core and pelvis stable to activate the glutes properly. These can be great not only to activate but to mobilise the hips as part of a good warm-up



These are great to mix in with your fire hydrants adopting a similar starting position. Nice and dynamic, squeeze and hold your glutes momentarily at the top of the kick for extra benefit


You can add small weights to this one eventually, but first it’s important to get the technique spot on. You want to keep your back straight at all time and push up through your heels. That final detail is key or you’ll find yourself instead feeling it through your hamstrings


The deadlift is one of the best exercises out there to improve hamstring and glute activation and a great fat burner due to its compound nature. This can be trickier to nail but the key detail lies in pushing your glutes up and backwards in the upward phase.


Everyone knows this one and it should always have a place in your workout. Concentrate on keeping a straight back and pushing up through your heels. Variety in your workouts will continue to stimulate adaptation


Lunges are great compound exercises that will help you achieve great stabilisation and at that improved strength and posture. Concentrate on good form. Think right angles and controlled movement through the phases


A nice variation on the single leg glute bridge, these will allow you to target both sides in one motion. Again, focus on a straight back and really driving through the hips in the upwards phase


These are fantastic for pelvic mobility and a great way to work on glutes and core stability two-fold. Keep the body nice and aligned with your lower limbs slightly less acute than right-angled. A resistance band can be added for more advanced individuals