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i agree with you. i used to just assume it was just some vague/harmless precaution, but years ago i read a really well done article detailing just how extreme a conservatorship is and how odd it is for it to last so long, etc. it was fascinating to learn about but so disturbing afterwards to reconcile how and why britney is contained in this way.

i don’t doubt she needs help but it would be difficult to justify these extreme measures, essentially taking away a person’s autonomy for this length of time. i understand it can be necessary in cases of extreme extreme illness but in that case i don’t understand how her “handlers” can justify having her perform, release music, sign contracts, essentially exist as a brand, sell herself to the public, etc. and hearing her fans so “oh she likes it! they have her do that stuff only because it makes her happy!” is disturbing, as though she’s an animal that is allowed to run around a certain patch of grass. it’s also extremely naive.

if she is THAT unwell that she can no longer care for herself or make the choices to st


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