Celebrity Beauty:

One of the brightest spots in any day is when Ana Braga pops her head in to say hello. This Brazilian beauty with the big, bountiful breasts was out at the gas pump earlier this week without a bra or even a shirt on. All Ana Braga wore to pump gas was a teeny tiny pair of overalls, the straps of which barely do the job of covering her nipples.

I would love to go shopping with Ana Braga because she doesn’t seem like the type to be obsessed with how much coverage clothing offers. Quite the opposite, in fact, as she seems to only care about how revealing a particular outfit is, and that’s a truly beautiful quality and one that makes shopping a breeze. Plus, who wouldn’t want to sit in a chair while Ana Braga modeled various outfits? That sounds like a pretty nice little Saturday to me.

So the next time you’re out pumping gas, remember how Ana Braga can do such a menial task

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