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Celebrity Party: Emmys 2019: What you didn’t see on TV, from stars snacking to sweet hugs

Celebrity Party: Emmys 2019: What you didn’t see on TV, from stars snacking to sweet hugs

Celebrity Party:


With a night full of moving speeches and historic wins, these moments stood out at the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards.

LOS ANGELES – If you watched Sunday’s Emmy telecast, you saw Phoebe Waller-Bridge joke about her “ridiculous” wins, Michelle Williams call for pay equity and watched “Game of Thrones” take a final bow.

But what went down during commercial breaks, at the bar and on the way to the after-parties? That’s where we come in.

Read on for the Microsoft Theater highlights that happened away from the cameras, from the awkward Kardashian moment to snacks the stars ate during the three-hour broadcast.

Celebrity Party: Kim and Kendall got heckled

While presenting the award for outstanding reality-competition program, Kim Kardashian West rather seriously stated that “our family knows firsthand how truly compelling television comes from real people just being themselves.” In response, a loud guffaw sprung from the audience, followed by a cascade of laughter.

As audience members craned their necks to see where the laughter came from (it originated from a few attendees in the back), a nonplussed Kardashian and Kendall Jenner finished their bit smoothly. After presenting the “Drag Race” crew with their statuette, both reality stars moved discreetly out of shot, with Kardashian kicking her long black train behind her like a pro as she slowly backed away from camera.

Celebrity Party: Stars snacked and gabbed during commercials 

What happened when the show paused for commercial breaks? Stars snacked and gabbed, naturally. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones munched on a plastic packet of granola. Laura Linney crouched in front of Sandra Oh in the first row to catch up. Julia Louis-Dreyfus used blotting paper to dab at shine. And Gwyneth Paltrow and husband Brad Falchuk got up and schmoozed with their neighbors. 


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Celebrity Party: ‘You crushed it!’

After Seth Meyers spoke onstage about his love for “Game of Thrones,” Jon Hamm found him during a commercial break to say, “You crushed it!”

When Waller-Bridge was named best actress in a comedy for “Fleabag,” Sandra Oh was quick to give the star a standing ovation. And after Louis-Dreyfus lost in that same category, Ted Danson came over to show his support for the “Veep” lead. It was doubly sweet that during the next commercial break, Louis-Dreyfus and Christina Applegate, also nominated, shared a hug,

After Jodie Comer won best actress in a drama, presenter Paltrow put her arm around the teary Comer’s shoulders as they walked off stage. And guests had to be careful in the aisle while Taraji P. Henson, her pink-and-red gown cascading across the floor, was bent down to talk to a seated Niecy Nash.

Celebrity Party: Nominees scurried to the cash bar

If guests wanted to drink during the three-hour show, they had to head to a cash bar and wait in line during a commercial. With breaks only a few minutes long, there wasn’t much time to grab beverages and go back inside before the next category. (And the drinks weren’t cheap, at $14 to $24 for a glass of Champagne and $12.50 to $14 for a cocktail).

So it made sense that “Schitt’s Creek” co-creators Eugene and son Dan Levy appeared to double fist on their way back inside, with drinks for themselves or others; Eugene with white wine and Dan with iced cocktails. During a late-show break, hot couple Zoe Kazan and Paul Dano also scored cocktails, while “Top Chef” host Gail Simmons snacked on popcorn. 

Celebrity Party: A countdown encouraged people to take their seats

How do guests know when to be in place? For the Emmys, there’s a countdown on two big screens that lets audience members know when to get to their seats. After the time runs out, an announcer can be heard saying something like: “If you feel like clapping, now would be a good time.” (And if you don’t make it back to your seat in time, you get stuck in the wings until the next act. That goes for celebs, too.)


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Celebrity Party: Who inspired standing ovations?

There’s a fair amount of polite applause at the Emmys, but then there’s audience reaction that almost blows off the Microsoft roof.

The first time that guests gave a standing ovation Sunday was when the “Game of Thrones” cast – Emilia Clarke and Gwendoline Christie in particular – took the stage during a tribute to the ending of their eventual drama-Emmy-winning show. The next: The audience erupted when Jharrel Jerome, the actor from “When They See Us” won for leading a limited series. After that: Billy Porter had the room on his side when he won for best actor in “Pose.”

George R. R. Martin just got his #Emmy engraved. 🥂

— Carly Mallenbaum (@ThatGirlCarly) September 23, 2019

Celebrity Party: Winners had their Emmys engraved on the spot

After the show ends, winners bring their statuettes to the Governors Ball after-party and get them engraved right away. “You gotta wait four weeks at the Tonys (for your customized award),” marveled an excited Porter. Meanwhile, “Game of Thrones” scribe George R.R. Martin had a celebratory sip of wine as he watched his name get inscribed on an Emmy.


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