Celebrity Beauty: BloggingPro Job Board Highlights, October 14, 2019

Celebrity Beauty: BloggingPro Job Board Highlights, October 14, 2019

Celebrity Beauty:

Celebrity Beauty: paid blogging jobs

Looking for a productive way to start your Monday, job hunters? Here are the best paid blogging jobs, writing jobs, and more from our Job Board.

Celebrity Beauty: Paid blogging jobs

Drinking games aficionado/writer

AFH Media is looking for a regular contributor to their blog who loves to write about drinking games. These posts will be approx 1000 words or more. They have a few topics to get started. The goal is to fill out the drinking games category on an established website. They are looking to pay .04 – .06 per word for these articles. This may be a long term assignment that expands into other categories on the blog if all goes well.

Fashion & Beauty Writer, NYLON

NYLON is seeking a remote, part-time fashion and beauty writer. NYLON readers are experimental with style and beauty and are curious about all sorts of fashion- and beauty-related news and trends, so interested applicants should be, too. They’re looking for candidates who can quickly cover the latest product drops or collaborations, compile fashion and beauty trend roundups, identify on-brand celebrity fashion and beauty news as well as breaking viral Instagram trends, and much more.

Freelance Anime Writer

The editorial team at Valnet Inc. is looking for a writer to contribute Anime list-based articles for CBR.com, a website geared towards comic books, movies, TV, and gaming enthusiasts. Are you a driven writer and Anime expert who is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest viral trends? If so, then you are just what they’re looking for at CBR! As a freelance writer, you will create original, informative, and eye-catching articles about Anime that their audience is craving to read.

Freelance Esports News Writer

The editorial team at TheGamer is looking for a Freelance Esports News Writer who will keep track of major esports events occurring around the world, pitch and write news articles based on significant moments, and follow important players in the esports culture. The Esports News Writer will follow major updates to competitive multiplayer games, break down patches, and make predictions on how those changes will affect the ‘meta’ of those games. Additional tasks may include interviewing esports stars and maintaining a calendar of events for the benefit of other writers.

Pop Culture Writers

Calling all pop culture junkies and the chronically online: Wisecrack needs smart stuff for their YouTube channel. They’ll pay you to write about the philosophy of Nicolas Cage, the theological implications of South Park, or any other interesting takes on pop culture / what’s in the zeitgeist. They avoid politics and hot button issues and most things people yell about on the internet. They’re especially looking for comic/graphic novel and anime stans.

Celebrity Beauty:

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