Celebrity Culture: The Addams Family to get a kooky sequel after big box office performance

Celebrity Culture: The Addams Family to get a kooky sequel after big box office performance

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Celebrity Culture: The Addams Family, sequel, Animation

After scaring up more than $35 million at the domestic box office during its 4-day weekend debut, MGM/UAR have announced that a sequel to THE ADDAMS FAMILY is already in the works. What’s more is that the studio has already set an October 22, 2021 release date for the frightful follow-up, which is bound to feature more off-the-wall wackiness from one of cinema’s kookiest and most misunderstood families.

How did THE ADDAMS FAMILY do it, you ask? Well, part of the film’s success is thanks to 42% of K-12 schools being off for Columbus Day in the States. With no classrooms to hold them, school children and their parents flocked to theaters, earning the film a $4 million take based on Monday sales alone.

Despite receiving a number of middling reviews, THE ADDAMS FAMILY still managed to snap up plenty of moviegoers. In fact, the Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon-directed family-friendly feature even defeated Ang Lee and Will Smith‘s sci-fi spectacle, GEMINI MAN, which flopped to a $23 million debut.

After years of living in solitude in their blissfully haunted manor, the Addams Family are discovered by a colorful, average neighborhood down the hill, the residents of which are none too happy to meet the family. A culture clash of the spookiest kind ensues, with a celebrity home makeover host hoping to get rid of the family for good. The ghoulish, family-oriented frightfest for kids and adults alike was written by Matt Lieberman, and stars Oscar Isaac as Gomez; Charlize Theron as Morticia; Chloe Grace Moretz as Wednesday; Finn Wolfhard as Pugsley; Nick Kroll as Fester; Snoop Dogg as Cousin It; and Bette Middler as Grandma Addams.

You can check out Matt Rooney’s review of the film here.

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