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Amelia Gray Hamlin, the youngest daughter of Lisa Rinna and former World’s Sexiest Man Harry Hamlin, is showing off her impeccable genetic makeup in this baggy outfit that nicely bares some midriff. Yes, you have to suffer through some pictures of her hanging out with her douchebag boyfriend, but there’s some solo stuff in here too that should get you in the Amelia Gray Hamlin kind of mood!

I wonder if Harry has shown his daughters Clash of the Titans yet? That movie’s a fucking stone cold classic, one of the greatest fantasy films of all time with one of the best action figure lines ever. They were right in scale with my Star Wars figures and Luke, Han, and Perseus teamed up for many great adventures against foes like Darth Vader and Calibos, but of course, the shit would really hit the fan when the Kraken was released.

What does any of this have to do with Amelia Gray Hamlin? Well, let me ask you a question… What doesn’t it have to do with Amelia Gray Hamlin? See? I can be evasive and stupid just the same! Anyways, Amelia Gray Hamlin i

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