Celebrity Gossip:

Victoria’s Secret model Martha Hunt attended a gala the other night called “Take Home a Nude” where, you guessed it, people could bid on nude artwork. Now, I don’t know if Martha Hunt was the subject of any of these nudes, but I can tell you that you can definitely make out her breasts and pokies in this sheer red dress she wore to the event. It’s almost as if she’s teasing those of us who couldn’t secure an invite.

I also doubt that anyone was able to actually take home a nude Martha Hunt, except for whatever lucky dog is in a relationship with her. I hate that person, whomever they are, because they’re the only thing standing between me and taking home a nude Martha Hunt. Well, maybe not the only thing, but certainly one of the biggest roadblocks to my ultimate goal of taking home a nude Martha Hunt.

While we may not ever get to take home a nude Martha Hunt, there’s definitely a lot to love ab

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