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It’s hard to tell what Ryan Reynolds enjoys most: fantasy football, or the opportunity fantasy football brings for social media-based smack talk with his celebrity friends.

For anyone who’s never done it before, Fantasy Football is a game where your team scores points based on the IRL performance of your players. This year, a bunch of big screen superheroes are all taking part in the AGBO Superhero Fantasty Football Charity League.

Reynolds has previously traded blows across the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the likes of Chris Pratt and Karen Gilligan — and this week it was Robert Downey Jr.’s turn.

It started on Thursday, when the Avengers star sent the following, semi-polite message to Reynolds via Instagram.

Reynolds immediately came back with this reply.

Celebrity Charity: Ryan Reynolds taunts Robert Downey Jr. over fantasy football with a glorious video

Image: instagram

This is Deadpool we’re talking about, though, and even though he’s right about their lack of onscreen involvement (can’t forget that rejection letter), clearly an Instagram comment wasn’t going to suffice.

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Reynolds had to hit back with a video of his own, which involves personalised baked goods.

Sometimes you don’t need words to make your message heard.

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