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A body positive YouTuber has been applauded for recreating famous celebrity images without Photoshop.

California-native Sierra Schultzzie, 23, regularly shares videos with her community of one million subscribers, in which she documents the entire process that goes into replicating the images.  

The internet personality isn’t trying to look like celebrities – including Beyonce, Ariana Grande and Marilyn Monroe – as such, but she said it’s important for her to show a realistic depiction of what a woman’s body looks like. 

It’s Sierra b**ch! YouTuber Sierra Schultzzie recreates instantly recognizable images of celebrities, such as Britney Spears, left, and stars in them herself


Empowering: Sierra, 23, right, said its important to show her followers alternative versions of flawless celebrity images like Zendaya’s Flare cover, left

Production: The Florida-born YouTuber works with a full production team to recreate images like Beyonce’s pregnancy reveal, left

Representation: Fans often applaud Sierra, right, who is a size 12, for proudly showcasing what a non-sample size body looks like as she recreates images of stars like Ariana Grande

‘I’m not trying to look like these celebrities,’ she clarified in one of the videos.


‘I’m just recreating the pose, the outfit, the photo shoot. It’s just gonna be me, Sierra, in a way I naturally am.’ 

I’m copying these celebrity photo shoots but with no [Photoshop] on my midsize, size 12 body. We’re keeping it natural and body positive,’ she added. 

Along with a professional photographer, videographer and producer, Sierra set about recreating the photos of icons from the past – Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Helburn – and the present – Beyonce and Britney. 

She also took on infamous magazine covers, like Kim Kardashian’s booty-baring Paper Magazine cover from 2014.


Although, for her installment, Sierra opted to do the version that involved clothes. 

Movie: Lady Gaga’s turn in A Star Is Born, left, inspired a recent photo recreation by the California-based internet personality, right

Prepping: Sierra’s producer helps her get ready to nail the Kim Kardashian-inspired shot 

Broke the Internet: Sierra, right, pulled off an impressive re-inaction of Kim Kardashian’s viral Paper magazine cover

For one popular video, Sierra took inspiration from women’s magazines.

Sharing her own versions, where she is the cover star, Sierra changed headlines to better fit in with her beliefs.

Take for example a fitness magazine article teaser – ‘Your abs rehab: Shed fat, build muscle’ – which became ‘Your abs don’t need rehab. Fat of muscle it all looks great’ in the re-imagined version.

Writing on Instagram, she said: ‘I wanted to make a video recreating magazine covers, since they tend to be not the most body positive influence on women. 

‘But when I took a closer look, I realized it was the headlines and the articles being teased on the front that were so negative, not the actual photos. 

‘The woman on the original cover of this magazine is stunning. She’s fit, and looks like she’s thriving, and good for her! But when you surround the beautiful photo with endless headlines about how to lose weight fast, how to change your body now, it leaves kind of an icky message. 

White dress: Marilyn Monroe’s infamous moment in The Seven Year Itch, left, was recreated

Props: An elegant cigarette holder, evening gloves, pearls and a tiara were used to channel Audrey Hepburn 

Doppelganger: Thanks to her costume, Sierra looks just like Audrey in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Black and white: Sierra, right, sought inspiration from the famed V-J Day in Times Square photo from 1945

‘I decided not only to recreate the photos, but to change the wording, too. I think fitness and health is really important, but it shouldn’t be treated as a quick fix to make you look like a bikini model. 

‘It’s a lifelong journey of health and happiness. That’s what I’m working on every time I go to the gym, and that’s what I wanted my “fitness magazine” to focus on.’

Sierra also took on the challenge of recreating tennis star Serena William’s recent cover shoot for Harper’s Bazaar, which was praised for her decision to leave the pictures unretouched. 

An infamous 2003 Rolling Stone cover of Jessica Simpson got a new lease of life too. 

At the time, the Texas-born singer was at the peak of her fame and starring in Newlyweds alongside then-husband Nick Lachey.

The image of her vacuuming in her underwear and high heels is considered one of the most memorable Rolling Stone covers of the noughties.

Sierra didn’t back down from recreating the famous image.

Fitness: The YouTuber reinvented a fitness magazine to better suit her beliefs, right

Golden: Sierra took inspiration from Serena William’s recent un-airbrushed Harper’s Bazaar cover, left

Cosmo girl: Sierra, right, swapped out a sex story for a body positivity feature when she turned her attention to Cosmopolitan

A commentor on YouTube praised her saying: ‘[I] wish magazines wouldn’t hyper-sexualize women. This really speaks volumes about not only what is expected of women’s bodies, but how they’re expected to display them.’ 

Another one reads: ‘Your body positive journey is so empowering for girls like me who doesn’t have a flat stomach or who has big thighs. 

‘You always motivate me to love my self and you are one of the main reasons that I’m ok with my body and my curves and that I’m confident. 

‘You’re beautiful even on the unflattering pictures! I’m so grateful that you make videos like this and everyone can see that we’re beautiful on our own ways.’

In the past, Sierra has also recreated Victoria’s Secret campaign images in a bid to show that there’s more to beauty that the size label on your clothing.  

Though Sierra broke down in tears during the photo shoot, the social media star said the fact that she was feeling bad when comparing her own body to a Victoria’s Secret-approved supermodel’s was the ‘reason she had to do this’.  

‘Today I want to show that a plus-size or mid-size girl, who is typically not the Victoria’s Secret look can still rock those photos,’ Sierra said to introduce the video, which has been viewed over 250,000 times so far. 

BTS: Sierra prepping to take a leaf out of Jessica Simpson’s book 

Housewife of the Year: Sierra recreated the singer’s Rolling Stone cover from 2003

Double denim: Sierra, left, also recreates celebrity couple photos, like this unforgettable image of then-couple Britney Spears and Justin Timerlake, left

Sierra said that comments made by longtime Victoria’s Secret executive and spokesman Ed Razek were the inspiration for the shoot. 

In a controversial interview with Vogue.com, Razek, 71, said that he did not think the brand should include transsexuals in their annual fashion show because the show is ‘a fantasy’. Razek also implied that the brand is uncertain whether they will ever include a plus-size model in the show. 

Sierra, who said she ‘strives for positivity every day’, compared the preparations undertaken by Victoria’s Secret models ahead of their annual catwalk show. She noted that these women are vocal about their grueling prep – which includes twice daily workouts, regimented diets and in some cases, extreme dehydration methods.

The blond vlogger assured fans she was not going to do any of that. Nor was she going to cover up her ‘normal’ scars, razor bumps or stretch marks with layers of thick body makeup. 

‘I’m a normal person – I’m not covering any of that up – that’s just real life,’ she said. 

Proud: Sierra, pictured right, said that recreating photo of Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin, left, made her feel proud of the body inclusivity message she promotes 

Replicated: Sierra, pictured right, shot a copycat image of a Candice Swanepoel ad, pictured left, to showcase the difference betwe