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A clip of Dwayne Wade playing basketball with his one-year-old daughter has gone viral. The adorable pair can be seen enjoying daughter-daddy time, and the internet can’t handle the cuteness. With her dad’s encouragement, Kaavia James Union Wade is sure to be an amazing athlete.

In what appears to be the family’s dining room, Wade and his daughter were playing with a bouncy pink basketball. Wade can be seen showing off his ball handling, and he often passes to the little girl. Kaavia was giggling the whole time, and her favourite moments seemed to be when her dad would steal the ball from her.

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The video is the adorable content we needed on the internet, but the video shows way more than that. Kaavia was clearly very intrigued by the game, and she never took her eyes off the ball. Despite the fact that her dad is a professional basketball player, she was able to get the ball from him. Granted, he was probably playing nice. However, the little girl still shows a lot of promise and interest in her dad’s sport.

The viral clip of the two currently has more than 111,000 views on Twitter. Basketball fans around the world can’t get enough of them, and they’re all thankful for Kaavia’s mom, Gabrielle Union, because she provides us with amazing content like this. It will be hard to top this video for cutest basketball-related clips of the month.

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Other than ball sports, Kaavia seems to be enjoying swimming. At 11-months, Kaavia showed off her underwater skills in an Instagram video. She enthusiastically dove into the water, and she confidently swam to the person waiting for her. No fear, no worries, and no problems. It looks like she’s set to become quite an athlete, and her parents, who run the Instagram account, are quite proud of it.

The couple shares many other aspects of their daughter’s life on the account. Other than sports, she can be seen working many different outfits and looks. Whether she’s matching with her mom, or rocking a pineapple Halloween costume, she confidently poses for the camera. Kaavia also drives her mini car around their house.

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