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Celebrity Health: Bella Thorne Shower Erotica

Bella is so trashy, gross, looks like she smells but above all this…she’s boring…

The victim of ABUSE from a stepdad, then exploited by her mom before being sold to DISNEY Bella Thorne…who typically looks slimy as fuck in anything she does…has decided to take a shower for her social media account to remind us all that despite looking like trash, she doesn’t necessarily smell like trash, except maybe in her pussy, cuz that thing is an ecosystem of its own…and hot water, soap, even vinegar can’t get those PH levels to a happy place…..

I guess she’s no longer the exploited Disney Kid perverts who watch DISNEY were into…..and is more of the exploits herself Disney kid….becoming an annoying girl from social media, who makes way too much money, thanks to having fans who think she’s keeping “real”…despite not being real….because keeping it real to this generation means talking about your acne, your farts, and other disgusting things….this is where voyeurism has gone….


I know she’s just a calculated puppet raised to be a puppet who knows how to manipulate the audience thanks to her puppet masters teaching her the way….

Taking her “celebrity” and tapping into that internet money all the kids her age are tapping into…monetize yourself despite your mental health, sanity, etc….all while looking like shit…because the internet likes it when things seem candid…so it is easy…but it still kills part of a persons soul every time they pot…

So here she is in the shower for attention, allowing you to feel like you are in the shower with her…and I guess that’s perverted enough to post here, even if I find her vile.

Celebrity Health: Bella Thorne Tits


Celebrity Health: Bella Thorne Shower Erotica

Here she is in a blue wig and see through shirt..


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