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Celebrity Beauty: Style gift guide

A cashmere robe or washable leather pants would be the perfect gift for your stylish loved one.
NakedCashmere/Karolina Zmarlak

Buying gifts is tricky enough as it is, but it can feel extra difficult when that special someone in your life is especially stylish, so Insider turned to celebrity stylists Nicole Chavez, Rebecca Dennett, and Samantha Brown for some help. 

From cashmere robes and washable leather pants to waterproof briefcases and a gorgeous bucket hat, they’ve got something for everyone. 

And the stylists, whose clients include Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jodie Comer, and Kristen Bell, also revealed the gifts on their own wish lists this year. 

Celebrity Beauty: Take your loungewear to the next level with this cashmere robe from NakedCashmere.

Celebrity Beauty: Stylist gift guide

The robe is made of 100% pure cashmere and comes in pink, black, blue, gray, beige, and cream.


“One of my personal favorite things is my cashmere bathrobe, so I know firsthand that this would make an excellent gift,” Samantha Brown told Insider. 

Cost: $325 

Find out more about the Ynes Robe from NakedCashmere here.

Celebrity Beauty: Monogram necklaces get a fresh look with this design by Otiumberg.

Celebrity Beauty: Otiumberg letter tag necklace

The letter tag necklace by Otiumberg.


Dennett recommends this gold tag necklace by British jewelry brand Otiumberg, which offers free shipping in the US, UK, and any country in the European Union.  

Cost: $320.84 

Find out more about the Gold Tag Necklace by Otiumberg here.

Celebrity Beauty: Nice luggage is always a great gift for loved ones, Brown told Insider. Her favorite is this carry-on from Zero Halliburton.

Celebrity Beauty: Stylist gift guide

The featherweight carry-on comes in black, blue, gold, or silver.
Zero Halliburton

“Chic luggage is always a big hit, as most people don’t make the investment in good, quality travel pieces,” Brown added. 

Cost: $436 

Find out more about the Spinner Carry-On from Zero Halliburton here.

Celebrity Beauty: This waterproof briefcase by Filson stays stylish while still resisting the elements.

Celebrity Beauty: Style gift guide

The briefcase is made with rugged twill, an industrial-strength fabric that resists wear and repels water.


Dennett loves this briefcase by Filson, which comes in tan, green, navy, and two different shades of gray. 

Cost: $325 

Find out more about the Rugged Twill Original Briefcase by Filson here.

Celebrity Beauty: You won’t have to wear your new sun hat to keep it safe while flying to a tropical holiday getaway thanks to this hat box from Calpak.

Celebrity Beauty: Stylist gift guide

The lightweight hat box features a removable and adjustable shoulder strap, as well as a water-resistant hard shell cover.


“Travel luggage should be as elegant as the clothes inside, and this hat box from Calpak will not disappoint,” Brown told Insider. 

Cost: $145 

Find out more about the Baye Large Hat Box from Calpak here.

Celebrity Beauty: The Pilo Fabric Shaver from Steamery removes lint and pills from your favorite sweaters.

Celebrity Beauty: Oprah's favorite things

You can get the Pilo Fabric Shaver in pink (pictured), blue, or matte black.

Chavez recommends gifting this fabric shaver to any fashionista in your life to help keep their threads looking fresh.

Cost: $49.95

Find out more about the Pilo Fabric Shaver by Steamery here.

Celebrity Beauty: The silk pillowcases from Slip are beloved by beauty editors and stylists.

Celebrity Beauty: Stylist gift guide

The silk pillowcase from Slip comes in a variety of different colors and patterns.

“For your friends and family who appreciate simple luxuries, silk pillowcases feel special and do wonders for your skin and hair,” Brown told Insider. 

Cost: $85 for one pillowcase

Find out more about the silk pillowcases from Slip here.

Celebrity Beauty: Chavez told Insider that these coasters by Hermès are a perfect gift for friends.

Celebrity Beauty: Toutenpapier Tatoo Color coasters

These coasters will modernize any coffee table.


The 12 coasters feature six different graphic designs on one side, and a matching design on the other. 

Cost: $95 

Find out more about the coasters by Hermès here.



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