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Although some fashions are timeless, a few major trends from the 2010s are predicted to fade in the next decade in order to make way for fresh new looks. 

To figure out what’s here to stay and what’s on its way out, Insider spoke to a range of style experts.

Here are some fashions from the past decade that experts predict will be out of favor in the 2020s. 

Celebrity Fashion: Skinny jeans will be ousted in favor of looser styles.

Celebrity Fashion: skinny high-waisted jeans

Some trends, like skinny jeans, are on their way out for 2020.

Getty/Theo Wargo

Skinny jeans may have been a staple in your closet for the past decade, but professional fashion-trend analyst and forecaster Marie-Michèle Larivée told Insider that they are on their way out. 

“The skinny shape took over the jeans market in early 2010; It was the key shape to wear. However, fashion is a cycle and the pendulum is slowly swinging to the other extreme. Skinny jeans will be replaced by a looser fit of jeans and a flared leg,” said Larivée. 

Boot-cut and relaxed, boyfriend-style jeans are poised to become the standard jean silhouette of the 2020s, she explained. Culottes, palazzo pants, and even bell-bottoms will also likely be hot items in the coming decade.

Celebrity Fashion: Ripped jeans are on their way out.

Celebrity Fashion: skinny jeans style

Destroyed denim dominated the 2010s.


Fashion publicist Isoke Salaam told Insider that the days of sorting through racks of ripped jeans may soon be over. 

“Ripped jeans popped back up about seven years ago and they have been hanging on. However, they’re on their way out,” said Salaam. “Though they work for concerts and maybe festivals, ripped jeans don’t work for most restaurants or first impressions. Instead, polished and classic styles are here to stay.”

To keep up with changing trends, Salaam suggests wearing a slim pair of black, cropped jeans instead of shredded denim.

Celebrity Fashion: You likely won’t spot cold-shoulder tops in the 2020s.

Celebrity Fashion: red cold shoulder top blonde hair

From influencers to soccer moms, these shoulder-baring pieces were everywhere throughout the 2010s.
Edward Berthelot / Contributor/Getty

Stylist and fashion expert Suzanne Wexler told Insider shoulder-highlighting tops gained a boost of popularity in early 2010, even though the trend began decades earlier. 

Despite its recent upswing in commercial success, stylists and designers seem to be united in their dislike of this chilly look. 

“Cold-shoulder tops are a bizarre mash-up of styles, giving a peekaboo sexy look that is anything but. Unlike off-the-shoulder tops and one-shoulder looks, which are still going strong today, I suspect cold-shoulder tops won’t return to the fashion circuit,” said Wexler. 

Celebrity stylist and designer Crystal Cave also told Insider that she hopes the next decade sees the end of the cold-shoulder trend. 

“Not every top needs shoulder cutouts,” said Cave.

Celebrity Fashion: Chunky “dad” sneakers could be a passing fad.

Celebrity Fashion: dad sneakers trend

These thick sneakers were incredibly popular in 2019, but they may not always be beloved by mainstream fashion influencers.

After first emerging in the 1980s, oversized “dad” sneakers made a comeback in the latter half of the 2010s. And even though chunky kicks had a major moment in 2019, they might not be populating shelves for much longer. 

“‘Dad’ sneakers are on the way out. Yes, they are an orthopedic dream, but they look horrendous and are far from eye-catching. I just loathe the trend,” Conroy said.

Although “dad” sneakers may just be a passing trend, Conroy told Insider that stylish and comfortable shoes, such as flats and loafers, will take over. 

Celebrity Fashion: The neon trend will potentially fade to black.

Celebrity Fashion: tan france neon green

Many 2020 fashion collections didn’t include neon colors.
Jim Spellman/WireImage via Getty Images

If you’re looking to turn heads, there’s no easier way to do it than with a splash of neon. However, the electrifying color trend is probably on its way out. 

“Neon was seen on the runway in 2019. However, the 2020 collections are without. When I think of neon, I automatically think of reflective cycling vests. So not fashion,” said Salaam. 

So how will trendsetters make a statement in the new decade? Salaam said they think bright neon hues will be replaced with eye-catching black-on-black ensembles and more subdued pieces.

Celebrity Fashion: The mustard craze of the late 2010s is over.

Celebrity Fashion: Maddie Ziegler mustard yellow dress cream colored slouched boots

The popular mustard color might be swapped out for light saffron shades.
Albert L. Ortega/Getty

There was a time when it seemed like mustard was the unlikely color hero of every fashion-conscious wardrobe. However, designers are now sending this yellowish hue packing.

“Mustard catapulted onto every 2018 runway and was stocked by every retailer. It’s a more exciting alternative to neutral tones, but it leaves something to be desired,” said Conroy. 

Instead of the muted yellow of mustard, Conroy told Insider that they expect designers will swap out the condiment-inspired color for lighter and more saturated saffron shades.

Celebrity Fashion: The jeggings trend may not survive into the next decade.

Celebrity Fashion: jeggings carrie undrwood

These stretchy jeans were all the rage in the 2010s.
Getty/D Dipasupil

These stretchy leggings masquerading as jeans surged in popularity during the mid-2010s, but many stylists are thankful the trend has seemingly run its course. 

“The trend of pretending your exercise pants are actually real pants is over,” said Wexler. “Denim has become stretchy enough that there’s no need to go as far as making jeans the same density as leggings.” 

So instead of wearing faux jeans because you want the comfort level, Wexler said you might just want to wear leggings “now that athleisure has become a head-to-toe look.”

Celebrity Fashion: Say goodbye to panels of lace on clothes.

Celebrity Fashion: kate rockwell lace detail top pink leather skirt

Stylists feel there are better and more practical ways to add a feminine touch to your look.
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

If you hate the unpleasant surprise of trying on a seemingly cozy sweater only to discover the back is made is flimsy lace, you’ll be happy to know that lace inserts and accents likely won’t be trending in the 2020s. 

“For a while, these femme details were on all women’s dresses and tops. This trend resulted in too many visible bra straps and unsupported busts. Thank goodness consumers have moved on,” wardrobe stylist Amanda Massi told Insider. 

Fortunately, if you’re looking to add a touch of classic femininity to your look, maxi skirts and floral prints are still going strong into the next decade.

Celebrity Fashion: Don’t expect to see bike shorts outside of the gym in the 2020s.

Celebrity Fashion: bike shorts

Bye-bye, bike shorts.

Although it seems that 1990s trendsetters first embraced the cycling garment as streetwear, bike shorts gained tremendous popularity in 2019 after celebrities like the Kardashians sported them on a regular basis.

However, cycling shorts just don’t have high-fashion staying power. 

“This athleisure trend is so done for a variety of reasons. Bike shorts are unpolished and, more importantly, aren’t functional for every body type. If you were curvy and have zero thigh gap, bike shorts ride up your thighs every minute,” said Conroy. 

Conroy predicts style influencers will be donning vinyl and leather pants in 2020 instead of squirming into a pair of tight shorts.

Celebrity Fashion: Pajama-like looks will probably be replaced with more comfortable, polished ensembles.

Celebrity Fashion: model gucci  purse bag silk pajama top

Silky, pajama-like blouses may fall out of favor in 2020.
Christian Vierig/Getty

If you’ve been guilty of wearing your fanciest silk pajama set outside of your house with heels, you’re not alone – the pajama dressing trend gained a lot of traction between 2017 and 2018.

However, Cave told Insider that pajama dressing won’t have a place on the catwalks of the next decade. 

“With the rise of athleisure, this trend picked up steam in the last two years and it started to become less shocking to wear pajamas outside of your house,” said Cave. “The fact is, you’re still wearing pajamas in public.”

Instead of seeing people roll into work the same way they rolled out of bed, she predicts a rise in the popularity of jumpsuits or interchangeable separates made with comfortable knit fabrics. 

Celebrity Fashion: Patterned leggings will soon be a fashion faux pas.

Celebrity Fashion: patterned snakeskin leggings gym bag

Patterned leggings were in just about every store throughout the 2010s.
gotpap phamous2/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor/Getty

With the ongoing dominance of the athleisure trend, brightly patterned leggings became a big part of many people’s wardrobes in the 2010s.

Unfortunately, those psychedelic leggings may not be very on-trend in the next decade.  

“With the low quality of many of these leggings combined with the bold, bizarre, and sometimes tacky patterns they proliferated, I hope to see pattern leggings done with in the 2020s,” said Cave. 

Instead, Cave told Insider she envisions high-quality leggings with more timeless, fashionable patterns and textures becoming popular. 

“I’m still a fan of comfort, but see the 2020s as the time we take the comfort we’ve demanded in the 2010s to the next level, making comfortable look more chic,” she added. 

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