Celebrity Fitness:

Go to the gym. Prep your meals. Rinse, repeat. Keeping up your fitness and nutrition routines month in and month out can get old. Celebrity trainer and Cellucor-sponsored athlete Ron “Boss” Everline knows motivation is the hottest commodity in fitness, which is why he goes to great lengths to stay stoked and spread his energy around.

In these super-fun videos, Boss goes on the road to train with different pros from different fitness disciplines, learning new skills, facing new challenges, and enjoying a little local cuisine along the way. Ride along with Boss for a new perspective and a strong reminder of why you do what you do. Steal his inspiration to break out of your own comfort zone.

Episode 1: CrossFitter Brooke Wells Schools Ron “Boss” Everline

Celebrity Fitness: Brooke Wells Schools Boss Everline


Watch the Video Here

Episode 2: Ron “Boss” Everline Tries the Firefighter Combat Challenge

Celebrity Fitness: Boss Everline tries Firefighter Combat Challenge

Watch the Video Here

Episode 3: Cage Fighting with Ron “Boss” Everline

Celebrity Fitness: Cage Fighting with Boss Everline


Watch the Video Here

Episode 4: Earn It and Eat It with Ron “Boss” Everline

Celebrity Fitness: Earn it and Eat it With Ron Everline

Watch the Video Here

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