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The 1980s were a booming time, a time of big hair, shoulder pads and excess. Celebrity children born back then came into a world full of possibilities. It was a great time to be in Hollywood. Now into their 30s, these 1980s celebrity babies have forged their own path. We have a few reality TV stars, one or two actors and authors. There’s even a real estate agent. And don’t forget our resident English Royal. No, it isn’t Meghan or Harry.

These celebrity babies have, for the most part, become celebrities themselves. Some more so than others. But one or two shun the spotlight and just get on with their lives. Here are 10 celebrity babies from the 1980s. Some you know all to well. Some you will have forgotten about.

Celebrity Culture: 10 Kim Kardashian – O.J. Simpson Made Her Family Famous

Celebrity Culture:

Rumor has it that O.J. Simpson was her godfather. Her father Robert shot to fame and fortune as part of the  1995 “dream team” that defended football star O.J. Simpson against the charge that he brutally murdered his wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman.

Robert became a familiar face on TV. People made a fuss over him in restaurants and out on the streets. And there was 15-year-old  Kim soaking it all up. At some point, she declared she was going to be famous someday. We think she made good on her promises. Big time.

Celebrity Culture: 9 Princess Beatrice – A Scandal That Could Wreck Her Love Life?

Celebrity Culture:

The 80s child of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, Princess Beatrice has been touched by the scandal surrounding Prince Andrew and his alleged association with young girls. The Queen has relieved him of his Royal duties, thereby cutting his paycheck down to zero. He, unlike Meghan Markle, is no longer a “working royal”.

There were even rumors that Andrew’s problems would effect Beatrice’s romance with multi-millionaire Italian Edoardo Mappelli Mozzi. It’s a happy ending, though. Beatrice and Mozzi are engaged. Looks as if he’s a keeper.

Celebrity Culture: 8 Justin Simpson – Having O.J. Over For Thanksgiving

Celebrity Culture:

Born in 1988, Justin Simpson was an adorable little boy and he has grown into a handsome young man. A year ago, he had dad down to St. Petersburg, Florida for Thanksgiving. Sister Sydney was there too. Dad, by the way, is O.J. Simpson, the man Robert Kardashian helped saved from a murder conviction.

These days Justin is a dynamic real estate agent, with a charming way and a booming business in St. Petersburg, Florida. Dad won’t be moving Justin’s way any time soon. Under the terms of his parole, he has to get court permission to leave Utah.

Celebrity Culture: 7 Cameron Douglas – From Prison To Fatherhood

Celebrity Culture:

Michael Douglas has said he wasn’t a very good father to Cameron. For a long while, Cameron was indeed a white-hot mess. In 2010 the 30-something was sentenced for possession of heroin. It gets worse because he had that sentence extended when he was caught with drugs inside the prison. Now out, clean and proud father to a baby daughter, Lua Izzy, Douglas’ his life seems back on track. Lua Izzy? The name is unique but nice.

He has praised his father Michael and his step-mother Catherine Zeta-Jones for supporting him. They even visited him in prison.

Celebrity Culture: 6 Alexa Ray Joel – The Curse Of Uber Famous Parents

Celebrity Culture:

What a blessing having Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley as your parents. Or not. Alexa Ray Joel grew up feeling overshadowed by her uber-famous and mega-rich singer/songwriter dad and supermodel mom.  This was made worse by the fact she tried to forge a musical career of her  own.

Like her dad, she suffered from depression, once trying to overdose on some homeopathic alternative to Ibuprofen. And after that? She was the face of Prell shampoo, formed a band, and fell in love. She is engaged to restauranteur Ryan Gibson.

Celebrity Culture: 5 Nicole Richie – Reality TV And Motherhood

Celebrity Culture:

Born to impoverished parents, 38-year-old Nicole hit the jackpot when she was adopted by singer Lionel Richie. She was, of course,  famously BFF with Paris Hilton. The duo made a reality TV show called The Simple Life. Our Nicole is clearly a prime example of a celebrity who is famous for being famous. She dabbles, now and then, in fashion design.

These days? She is married to Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden and the mother of two adorable children, Harlow and Sparrow. Celebrity baby names can be something else. But we like those. Apparently, Most people agree that Nicole is a great mommy role model.

Celebrity Culture: 4 Katerine Swarzenegger (Pratt) – American Royalty Finds Love

Celebrity Culture:

Her father is Arnold Swarzenegger. Her mother is broadcast journalist Maria Shriver, who just happens to be a niece of President John F. Kennedy. Author Katherine is part of a family that comes as close to royalty as you can get in America.

And she’s found love (and marriage) with Parks and Recreation star Chris Pratt. The two were married in the summer of 2019. 71-year-old dad brought his 40-something girlfriend to the do.

Celebrity Culture: 3 Paris Hilton – Unlucky In Love

Celebrity Culture:

Paris is a Hilton, meaning she is an heiress to the hotel mega-fortune. What many people don’t realize is that the party-animal, ditzy blonde image she portrays is more branding than real. She is not as dumb as she looks. See, with a name like “Paris”, she just had to be rich and going on famous.

She has yet to find true love. We have lost count of her boyfriends and fiances. These days, approaching 40-years-old with her “career” slowing down, she flits between New York and Los Angeles and does a bit of modeling and music.

Celebrity Culture: 2 Brandon Jenner – Musician, Dad, And Realty Animal

Celebrity Culture:

Yes, Brandon, who was born in 1981,  is Caitlynn Jenner’s son. Yes, he is the brother of Brody, Kylie and Kendall Jenner. But what does he do? Well, he is a musician (of sorts). But mostly he is a creature that inhabits reality TV land. He and brother Brody did Princes of Malibu. It was okayish.

He was married to Leah Felder, whose dad was the guitarist for the Eagles way back when. They had a pop group called Brandon and Leah. Alas, it didn’t last. The divorce was messy, messy. He’s moved on and he and his girlfriend Cayley Stoker are expecting twins.

Celebrity Culture: 1 Jake Hoffman – Actor, Writer, And Director

Celebrity Culture:

It happens a lot. Children of Hollywood stars do a couple of movies or TV shows and forevermore call themselves “actors”. Jake Hoffman is the exception to this trend. He has actually had a pretty busy acting career.

His father is, of course, Dustin Hoffman. The two have acted together once or twice. Jake was born prematurely. And no one thought he would survive. Obviously, they were wrong. Quite sweetly, his dad decided to name him after the Raging Bull character boxer Jake La Motta. Why? Because he is a fighter.

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