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Alicia Arden manages to keep her name on the tips of our tongues with her near-constant nude antics, and this Christmas, the former Baywatch beauty is turning up the heat with this kinky Mrs. Claus photo shoot that finds her showing off her nipples and her bethonged booty! There’s honestly no one we’d rather find underneath the mistletoe this holiday season than Alicia Arden in this exact outfit.

I think we tend to underestimate the valuable service that Alicia Arden provides us with every few weeks. There are few women in this world willing to show off their naughty bits on a regular basis, and Alicia Arden’s commitment to showing off her ass and nips is something that we can take for granted. However, it’s not worth taking Alicia Arden for granted because the minute we do is the minute stop seeing her nude.

So rock on with your bad self, Alicia Arden. We love what you do and

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