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I haven’t got the foggiest idea what the CNN Heroes Tribute is, but I do know that the event was attended by some mighty sexy women, including the always gorgeous Rose Byrne, who was sporting the ever popular blazer with no shirt look that’s been taking the world by storm of late. Rose was there with her long-time partner Bobby Cannavale and upon closer inspection, it seems as if they were wearing matching suits.

While Rose Byrne definitely stole the show, she wasn’t the only one adding major sex appeal to this otherwise stuffy event. Arrow and Glee star Katherine McNamara was stunning in a black and white number that nicely accentuated her cleavage. Julia Stiles was also there in a burgundy dress, enjoying a career resurgence following her appearance in Hustlers earlier this year.

Former Law & Order star Annie Parisse and Boardwalk Empire‘s Margot Bingham round out the list of ladies bringing their gorgeous selves to the proceedings. What an event I’m sure it was, what with all the star power and sex appeal packed into one place. Hopefully they keep this

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