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Traveling can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be when you’re a celebrity, as counterintuitive as it seems. You’ve heard stories of A-listers being swarmed by fans at airports, but it turns out they have an option to stay away from crowds when they need to fly commercial.

Chrissy Teigen recently opened up on social media about the extravagant life of a celebrity when she invited Twitter users to “ask me, your favorite A-list celebrity anything you would like to know about being a super huge A-list celebrity.”

Questions by fans poured in, with one particularly intriguing query from Twitter user @OhhMikee reading, “How the frick do most celebrities travel on planes? Are you ever just hustling through the airport trying to make it to your gate on time?”

Teigen clarified that celebrities can go through a special terminal “a mile from the airport that you pay membership for.”

“They do the same security privately and take you to the plane in a car. I know. I know,” she added.

According to Nextshark, one such service is The Private Suite at LAX, one of the most exclusive VIP terminals in the world. Members wait for their flights from personal suites with daybeds, fully-stocked minibars, private bathrooms, pantries, and views of the runway.

When it’s time for boarding, members are driven directly to the planes by car. For VIPs of the Private Suite at LAX, it’s a BMW 7 Series sedan, which will take them to a private TSA check first before sending them to their flights.

They can also pre-order complimentary gourmet meals, or request for free massages, haircuts or manicures, and are assigned a doctor who will be present on call.

The Private Suite isn’t just for celebrities, but it requires an annual subscription fee of US$4,500. An additional US$3,000 has to be paid for a one-way international flight, and it’s US$2,700 for a one-way domestic flight.

“Members of The Private Suite don’t wait in crowded lines because private TSA screening is done right in our building,” the service’s website explains. “Members don’t walk down long crowded concourses, or line up at ticket counters and boarding gates. They don’t deal with baggage. And they don’t deal with paparazzi.”

there is a terminal a mile from the airport that you pay membership for. they do the same security privately and take you to the plane in a car. I know. I know. https://t.co/BtFaTBaMKh

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) December 9, 2019

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