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One person who probably isn’t busted up about this year’s lack of a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is the lovely Lily Aldridge, who ended her time as an Angel for the lingerie company last year. She’s so nonplussed about it, in fact, that she was out and about in New York City earlier this week, in the pouring rain, and very thoroughly making sure she looks like she doesn’t give a shit.

Lily Aldridge doesn’t need to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel just to grab attention, and she knows this all too well. She will garner attention wherever she goes and whatever she does just because men—and women too, I suppose—the world over are going to want to check her out. Hell, she could’ve been wearing a garbage bag poncho-style and I’d still be bringing you these pictures of her. She’s sexy enough to overcome any outfit, no matter how unflattering or unsexy.

Thankfully Lily’s ensemble in NYC was neither of those things. It’s a

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