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Celebrities: They’re not just like us! Or rather, their lives often are not, even if they’re generally pretty down-to-earth. Enter Chrissy Teigen, who’s arguably the champion of balancing wow-so-relatable against wow-self-aware among all those in the super-famous bracket. (Kristen Bell is a close competitor there.) She’s a reliably funny Twitter follow, and even when she’s not cracking jokes, she’s often sharing pictures of her insanely cute family, few of which look particularly art-directed. But last night, Teigen took things to a new level. It started with a junk drawer:

So what, besides the big reveal that Chrissy Teigen does indeed have a junk drawer full of super glue and random cables and lint rollers and stuff, did we learn? I warmly encourage you to scroll back to this tweet and read up in her timeline (the tweets aren’t threaded) to take in the whole parade, but here are a few highlights.

Q: What’s the best celebrity perk? A: Everyone pretends your kids aren’t annoying little turds sometimes.

Q: Does a staff member gently waken you with birdsong and sunlight, or do you use an alarm clock? A: John Legend makes his kids pancakes every morning and is also low-key inconsiderate and/or passive-aggressive with the alarm clock.


Q: How do you rush through the airport when you’re famous? A: Secret rich person airport.

Q: Do you miss the days when you could go out and get ice cream anonymously? A: Don’t just stand there and be weird, just ask for the picture, we’re cool, no worries.

Q: How do you find an A-list assistant? A: Agents are rough, man.

The celebrity flower-sending cycle is an ouroboros.


Put “I don’t get mail” on the board next to “secret rich person airport.”

They have lots of help, in fact:

She really does love Twitter.

She takes her meds. (Seriously, this kind of disclosure is a big deal; cheers to Teigen for being open about mental health.)


And even she doesn’t know everything yet.

New headline: Chrissy Teigen unsure if John Legend is Illuminati.

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