Celebrity Fitness:

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the 138 Water, along comes another sexy model showing off bottled water while surrounded by water. We all know that 138 Water’s ad campaign sends mixed messages, but the one message that isn’t muddled is that they have the sexiest models in the land, with the fantastically fit fox Adrianne Nina being the latest to give the water company a boost.

Adrianne is a fitness guru and all around lifestyle expert who practices what she preaches. There’s no corner cutting in her work out routine, you can’t get a body this tightly toned and taut by simply telling others to work on their diet and exercise regime without doing so yourself. It’s also truly refreshing to see a 138 Water model showing that muscles can be sexy. Usually it’s these skinny bitches frolicking with 138 Water, but Adrianne Nina looks like she could stack them all up and bench press them without even breaking a sweat.

If she does break a sweat, at least

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