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Ed Roland is for the time being hiring for one of the most most coveted advertising positions in America, and if this recruitment is the rest admire the final time he advertised for the post, he expects to web 7,000 applications from all around the country. One of the best likely candidate will dangle vivid people skills and be chuffed with commute. Oh, and proper freeway etiquette is serious, too.

On the least, this job is staffing the Wienermobile.

“The tasks of the job are methodology more than riding a enormous hot canines,” successfully-known Roland, senior experiential advertising manager for Oscar Mayer, who’s been hiring “hotdoggers,” as the firm calls them, for the previous 16 years. “They’re a spokesperson for the assign. They’re in most cases operating their very own cramped PR firm on wheels.”

Of the total brands which dangle promotional autos plying the roads of America, none is more famed than the Wienermobile, a 27-foot-prolonged motorized frankfurter that, in diverse incarnations, has been cruising the asphalt since 1936. (The firm now has six rigs in its hasty.) However whereas the job might per chance gaze admire a straight forward gig, the post of hotdogger is a surprisingly tense one.

For starters, must you might per chance also dangle a family and a mortgage, you might per chance also quiet potentially perfect raise on to your resume. Hotdoggers—the firm’s actually hiring 12 of them for the time being—will use from June 2020 to June 2021 on the road. “You’re going every day for an entire year and living in resorts every evening,” Roland talked about. “It be essential to adapt to that nomadic standard of living.”

Roland additionally requires all hires to dangle a four-year college stage, ideally in communications or advertising. That’s because the riding phase of the job pales when put next to the arrangement element.

Hotdoggers most steadily space up a whopping 1,200 neighborhood occasions throughout their yearlong project (a cramped bit over three appearances a day, every day). They’re required to pitch local media sooner than they enter a market. They web TV appearances and focus on over with newshounds. They assemble dispute material for all of Oscar Mayer’s social media channels. And, clearly, they work alongside with the general public. Loads.

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“You become a cramped bit celeb,” Roland talked about. “It can per chance accumulate you 30 minutes to web gasoline because everyone wants to focus on over with you—and that’s every day of your life. You’re within the general public gaze. And being chuffed the total time isn’t consistently easy.”

And must you compose in a scheme put together to grasp all of these skills, there is, at final, the riding bit.

While Roland insists the auto is “plenty more uncomplicated to drive than you dangle,” one out-of-management Wienermobile did smash true into a rental attain Milwaukee in 2009. Oscar Mayer corporate contracts with the identical crew that trains the police division in Madison, Wis. Which is a potentially a correct thought, since these actually are enormous wieners. The rigs are double the length of most four-door sedans, 8 feet huge and 11 feet excessive. The fiberglass beasts dash on a Chevrolet W4 truck chassis driven by a 300-horsepower V8 beneath the hood—er, bun.

So whereas hotdoggers will likely be taught to tackle the Wienermobile safely, it’s inconceivable to tackle it with out any individual noticing. As Roland establish aside it, “You don’t sneak into town in a 27-foot-prolonged hot canines.”

For these that also dangle they’ve what it takes, the firm is accepting applications till Jan. 31.

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