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There’s no celebration be pleased a Diddy celebration, and the same goes for bringing in the original twelve months.

The tune affluent person, 50, is closing off 2019 in Miami with all of his young folks — they furthermore famend Christmas in the Florida sunshine collectively closing week. Diddy is dad to Quincy Brown, 28 (the organic son of Al B. Sure!), Justin Combs, 26, Christian ‘King’ Combs, 21, Likelihood Combs, 13, and twin daughters D’Lila and Jessie Combs, 13.

Diddy has been web hosting soul food Sunday gatherings for his family and closest friends over the past few months, and this past Sunday he shared videos from the cherished occasion on his Instagram story.

Diddy alongside with his young folks in 2017

Koury Angelo

“I upright desire to thank God for waking us up this morning,” he talked about for the length of a quite a lot of prayer earlier than his family and loved ones sat all the manner down to utilize. “Thanks for the air that we breathe. Thanks for the things that we grasp as an actual.”

Quincy Brown, Diddy and Christian ‘King’ Combs


Miami house


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“Every so usually we now own got a dinner referred to as soul food Sunday, and we extra or much less upright invite our friends that we in actual fact feel be pleased the collective vibe would possibly be something that shall be upright quite a lot of and be special, so all people doesn’t bag invited,” he persevered earlier than the clip ended.

Considerable person friends, including Terrence J and Lenny S, furthermore joined in on the fun, and Diddy shared photos of the pair excitedly chatting about the meal ahead.

Terrence J and Lenny S


“Where we’re at? Miami. Why are we in Miami?” Lenny S talked about because the pair stood in entrance of a luxurious swimming pool entire with palm bushes that had been embellished with white Christmas lights to set in the vacation spirit.

“Rob on, I in actual fact must grasp my shades off,” Terrence J talked about. “Puff handiest does his soul food Sundays in L.A., but wager the set we’re at appropriate now? Very special night, very special vibe.”

“Puff, thank you, as a consequence of we’re about to utilize,” Terrence J added.

In appropriate Diddy model, the menu used to be jam-packed with upright about every soul food dish you might perchance agree with.

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“Soul food Sunday: rooster, collard greens, mac and cheese, tequila, Deleon, D’u.s., CÎROC, VS, soul food Sunday!” Lenny S concluded.

Diddy invitations his family and loved ones to celebrate specifically over soul food in phase thanks to its significance to African-American culture. Historically dark colleges and universities even host weekly soul food dinners on campus for students to be reminded of house. (Howard University — the set the entrepreneur attended and later earned an honorary diploma — hosts soul food Thursdays a week.)

“Soul food Sunday is this kind of vibe,” Christian talked about in a video that Diddy shared on his Instagram story on Sunday. “It’s the foremost time in Miami. End y’all know what’s going on? We purchased the palm bushes, the warmth, it’s humid.”

Christian ‘King’ Combs


“My son appears to be like to be to be like upright be pleased me it’s so loopy!!! @combscartel,” the proud father wrote on the clip.

The family, who has been in Miami since earlier than Christmas, is furthermore celebrating Justin’s 26th birthday. In honor of his substantial day, the Combs Cartel family Instagram page posted a video dedicated to Justin on Monday, and Diddy shared it on his Instagram story quickly afterwards.

The video comprises iconic late-the-scenes photos of Diddy and his son making ready for his tune video cameo in which he says the famed line, “Imperfect boy, come out and play.”

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