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Nikkie de Jager, better is called beauty guru NikkieTutorials, posted her first YouTube video since coming out as Transgender earlier this month.

On Tuesday, the social media well-known person shared a video titled “Responding To My Coming Out.” on her channel, wherein she thanked followers and strangers alike for their toughen and addressed a few rumors swirling about on-line.

The beauty guru explained that she’s used to folks watching her when she goes out in public — de Jager stands 6-foot-2-inches worthy and has 13.1 million followers on YouTube. But after posting her coming out video, she acknowledged she was disquieted folks could per chance be staring for the inaccurate reason.

“It’s cherish, they know,“ she acknowledged of her Transgender identity, which she kept private correct by plot of her 12-year-lengthy YouTube occupation. “That was so provoking to me because I believed that was going to be the most effective ingredient that folks regarded at me for.”

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“My neighbor and he or she told me how proud she was of me and how I’m this kind of staunch particular person and he or she had tears in her eyes. No longer in my craziest needs did I assume that would happen.”

The beauty guru and Netherlands native went on to tell that “so worthy positivity” has approach from random strangers on the aspect street, folks who’ve made some extent to thank de Jager for serving to their younger folks indubitably feel seen and understood, Dutch tv reveals who covered her coming out fable widely and even Dutch lawmakers who were impressed to result in commerce after watching de Jager’s video.

“Trust me after I say, if i could per chance write a book from the total affords I obtained for a book deal, Harry Potter could per chance be nothing,” she added with a laugh. “It has been so loopy and fully surreal seeing the enviornment answer to me and welcomed me with originate fingers and showing me nothing but care for and recognize.”

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She was “overwhelmed” by the number of media retailers and tv reveals that requested her to repeat her fable. Sooner or later, she chose The Ellen DeGeneres Repeat but admitted “the no 1 outlet the set up i salvage to indubitably be myself and share my plump fable is right here on my YouTube channel.”

“I desire my words to approach from a safe region,” she acknowledged. “And this upright right here [YouTube] is my safe region.”

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de Jager then addressed the rumors swirling round on-line about her blackmailer and requested followers to quit the “witch hunt” to tell the identity of the one who threatened her.

“I don’t assume that is your fable to repeat. If anyone is going to accept as true with the upright to repeat more about these blackmailers, it’s going to be me.”

“With the succor of police, we’ve discovered who exactly was blackmailing me. I accept as true with their names, their phone numbers, electronic mail addresses. I even know the set up they live and how they treated folks round me to salvage more records on my appropriate fable.”

“After I discovered exactly who was in the abet of this all, I used to be timid because right here’s no longer a individual that any of . It is anyone [who] I don’t even for my allotment know.”

NikkieTutorials on The Ellen DeGeneres Repeat


The beauty influencer acknowledged that she has the vitality to “rupture a life” with her neat following and celeb platform by releasing the title of her blackmailer, but acknowledged she has determined to be the larger person: “I don’t wish to lower myself to his degree — I’m better than that.”

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