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The maroon 1997 Caddy rumbles as a lot as the Beverly Hills Resort, a Grateful Useless sticky label plastered onto its encourage window, a long crack defacing the windshield esteem a mistaken scar.

Handing the keys to a valet, Adrian Maher wears corduroy pants and a blue swimsuit jacket that looks ripped from a secondhand rack as he passes swanky sports actions autos and arching hands. He’s vaguely harking encourage to Hunter S. Thompson, a 60-year-customary outlier with a receding hairline and a decided whiff of recklessness.

Clearly, this man does no longer belong right here.

Unruffled, he makes his switch to reenact a scene from one of his most unpleasant escapades, making an strive to foil the brave hotel security apparatus one more time.

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from the Los Angeles Times.

With darting shoplifter eyes, he moves into the lobby. At 6-foot-4 and 230 kilos, Maher has a silly loping gait, equal substances Invoice Murray, “Seinfeld’s” Kramer and Borat. He slips previous a velvet rope and heads down a round stairway, journalists in tow.

“This means,” he says.

Moments later, hotel security chief Len Hollandsworth is in his face, asserting a worker alerted him about some suspicious characters floating during the lobby.

“Replica that,” Hollandsworth says into his walkie-talkie. “I’m with them now. Code 4.”


Celebrity Party: 481848-la-na-col1-sneaking-into-parties2-MAM.jpg

Adrian Maher originate air the Los Angeles Convention Center West Hall, the assign aside they are setting up for the MusiCares tribute gala for Aerosmith. That is the identical match he crashed in 2012, when it powerful Paul McCartney.

(Mel Melcon/Los Angeles Times)

No longer that implies encourage, Maher chanced on it barely easy to sneak into locations esteem this. For 20 years, he embodied a particular breed of L.A. animal, a nocturnal creature who lurked on the fringes of the most-weird celeb events, and who incessantly chanced on his capability within areas with security befitting the Kremlin.

He ran with a pack of neurotic gate-crashers who infiltrated Hollywood’s elite soirees and awards after-events for the Golden Globes, Grammys and even Oscars. They had been oddballs and loners with voracious appetites for subterfuge, who consumed the adrenaline required to waltz previous thick-necked security guards to mingle with cosseted actors and directors, “wetting their beaks” with free booze, working the buffet esteem hungry hyenas in elaborate disguises.

Awards season once made Maher salivate, his belly growl. There had been sumptuous parties to frequent, equivalent to the annual Elton John Oscars viewing and afterparty, which he infiltrated almost every year.

No longer anymore.

He retired from the VIP circuit in 2018, after reckoning with a brand new Hollywood fact: The specter of terrorism has introduced about more and more zealous security — usually aided by such advances as facial-recognition skills — and that’s supposed hard instances for the of us Maher calls rope-line ruffians.

“I’ve weak out of this,” he says. “This weak to be a expansive sport. Nonetheless the game is over.”

Case in point: his rapidly detection at the Beverly Hills Resort, the assign aside he had hoped to prove his infiltration methodology.

Celebrity Party: Adrian Maher

Adrian Maher within the lobby of the crystal ballroom at the Beverly Hills Resort, while giving a short tour of the stealth entrance he took to crash a pre-Oscars birthday party about a years ago.

(Los Angeles Times)

Maher lately printed a snort-all memoir known as “Uninvited: Confessions of a Hollywood Birthday party Crasher” that plumbs a weird subculture of threat-takers who seem to hail from a Saturday-morning cold bright movie lineup. Love the Italian redhead identified for “strip mining” a buffet table and Clement von Franckenstein (yes, his genuine title), who Maher described as an eccentric who “with the whiff of an aristocrat on hard instances would again the opening of an envelope.”

The ebook has save Maher at odds with the crasher culture, with weak comrades complaining that he’s substandard the birthday party.

He describes how he and his cronies cased hotels for entry aspects — janitorial doors, garden pathways, underground garages, freight elevators. Crashers private climbed hedges, ducked into kitchens and donned uniforms to blend with the staff.

Maher has impersonated band roadies and FedEx deliverymen. As a minimal to produce entry. Many nights, he peeled off a uniform to show masks an Armani or Hugo Boss swimsuit or tuxedo.

Inside his getaway automobile, he saved birthday party-crasher accouterments — ascots, badges, ink stamps for ultraviolet light and hundreds of match wristbands. If he saw guests passing security while carrying, drawl, a lightweight-blue wristband, he’d take a look at his assortment to search out an approximate colour.

One accepted ruse fervent pacing a checkpoint with a Champagne glass, turning to guards and asking, “Oh, I’m no longer imagined to drink this out right here, am I?”

“No, you’ve got to blueprint within,” came the conventional response. An outsider used to be splendid glad to comply.

Tuxedo-carrying crashers private rolled previous security in wheelchairs. Maher insists one climbed a tree to drop onto a hill of ivy, cartwheeling to the bottom, landing between two guards who a technique or the other did no longer see him. Then, Chaplinesque, he got up, dusted himself off and slunk into the birthday party.

Maher once observed a crasher exercise a technique he calls “the Crab,” in which the infiltrator hunches over and walks backward previous a checkpoint, yelling into his cell phone in a shell of conversation, confidently advanced to interrupt.

As soon as Maher walked previous security by linking palms alongside with his girlfriend, who everyone assumed used to be actress Tahnee Welch. They had been even provided on the crimson carpet.

He wasn’t constantly winning: He would possibly presumably per chance in no diagram penetrate Self-importance Honest’s Oscars birthday party. And while he used to be kicked out of a whole lot of events, Maher used to be in no diagram arrested. He survived by obeying such principles as in no diagram carrying your bear ID or making peep contact with security once within the birthday party. And once 86’d, that you would possibly’t scurry encourage in — that’s trespassing.

“And in no diagram,” Maher now adds with a smile, “write a ebook.”

One 2007 romp fervent crashing the Dash Speak and Tv Fund’s “Night Earlier than the Oscars” birthday party at the Beverly Hills Resort. He and Avi Fisher, a onetime Israeli intelligence operative, slipped onto a freight elevator, “popping out esteem whack-a-moles” till they chanced on their second.

They emerged within an heaps of ballroom, the assign aside they picked up meals trays, making their capability to the pool birthday party. They later ditched the trays and needed to cross one final guard to succeed within the bash.

“Practice my lead,” Fisher whispered. As the pair approached the guard, Fisher hissed, “Man, you screwed it up with Castle Rock!”

You had been the one who by likelihood deleted the friggin’ script on your computer!” Maher shot encourage on cue, as the pair walked previous the checkpoint.

Nonetheless no longer this time at the Beverly Hills Resort.

In an interview, Hollandsworth, a broken-down security chief, stated crashers esteem Maher are disturbing pests workers are trained to foil, critically at some stage in expansive-ticket events. “Our workers seek for everyone, on account of there’s constantly that threat within the market,” he stated.

“It’s roughly unhappy, essentially, that of us resort to this.”


Maher grew up in Pacific Palisades, monitored by a stiff-lipped British father whose cold seek data from for table manners splendid deepened his son’s rebellious trail.

He earned a stage in English literature at UC Berkeley and a graduate stage in journalism at ColumbiaUniversity. At parties, Maher would incessantly recite long passages from Shakespeare by memory, in a Winston Churchill accent, honing a ability to ad-lib he would exercise as a crasher.

In the 1990s, Maher labored as a Los Angeles Times reporter, and while overlaying Hollywood events he noticed the identical middle-weak males in attendance, constantly hungrily hovering all the diagram in which during the buffet table. He realized they had been crashers and envisioned writing a story about them.

Nonetheless difficulty loomed. Maher got laid off from his job, his mom died and his girlfriend dumped him, throwing him steady into a spiraling depression. His capability out: Becoming a member of the crasher crew he once considered from afar.

Maher, who indirectly began working on documentary movies, saw the parties as networking opportunities, alongside with the free booze, meals and intrigue. As soon as previous the velvet ropes, he noticed, of us actually let down their guard.

Many of his fellow trespassers lusted for free present baggage and libations, celeb encounters and a heady feeling of entitlement. Others had been itinerant mooches and kleptomaniacs. Unruffled others prided themselves as thrill-seekers, “dwelling within the plucky zone.”

Fisher says Maher became a grasp of the craft.

“For Adrian, the foundation of embarrassment simply did no longer exist,” he stated from Recent York, the assign aside he now lives. “He used to be rapidly on his feet, the usage of a childlike innocence to create feats no longer for the faint of coronary heart.”

Celebrity Party: Adrian Maher

Adrian Maher makes his capability down a round staircase within the Beverly Hills Resort while giving a short tour of the stealth entrance he took to crash a pre-Oscars birthday party about a years ago.

(Los Angeles Times)

At one match, Maher belief he noticed a fellow documentarian, whom he grabbed from within the encourage of and shook lustily sooner than realizing he used to be manhandling Clint Eastwood. In 2012, he mistakenly sat in a seat reserved for Paul McCartney sooner than being chased away by Yoko Ono.

In the spoil, Maher grew weary of the conniving, fearing he’d change into “a solitary, middle-weak man with darting eyes, a skinny movie of chin sweat and hunted gait,” as he wrote within the ebook. As soon as within, he also chanced on most excessive-terminate parties to be extremely uninteresting.

After his recent hotel bump into, Maher arrives at a encourage gate of the Los A

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