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A health model and outdated movie necessary particular person wrestler has accused Qantas of gender discrimination for refusing to let her into its industry class lounge in activewear. 

Used WWE wrestler Natalie Eva Marie expressed her disappointment on social media, announcing “In 2020 @qantas airways Melbourne would possibly maybe possibly not enable a girl preserving a industry class designate to enter their industry class lounge in though-provoking wear. 

“My industry IS health and an though-provoking daily life. Qantas prefers their females in a fancy dress. #genderdiscrimination #qantas.”

Celebrity Fitness: Eva Marie says she and her husband were both wearing activewear - but only she was kicked out.


Eva Marie says she and her husband delight in been both carrying activewear – however easiest she used to be kicked out.

The accompanying photo shows her dressed in leggings and an identical sweatshirt. 


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In a later put up, Eva Marie considerable that she has no instruct with firms imposing equitable costume codes however instructed the incident in the Qantas lounge amounted to sexism. 

“My husband used to be allowed in no instruct carrying this,” she said – the accompanying grunt exhibiting him dressed in a t-shirt and cap. 

“Whereas I was kicked out carrying this. My instruct is that standards wants to be equitably enforced.”

Clarification: That is NOT a dresscode instruct, I strengthen a firms upright to put into effect equitable dresscode standards. Nonetheless, My husband used to be allowed in no instruct carrying this. Whereas I was kicked out carrying this. My instruct is that standards wants to be equitably enforced @Qantas pic.twitter.com/HSbLVc4W62

— Eva Marie (@natalieevamarie) January 16, 2020

Qantas’ costume code for its dometic lounges is outlined on its web page, the set apart it asks passengers to “note our dapper informal costume pointers.

“These pointers are meant to construct an surroundings everybody can journey, so please be aware of your resolution of clothing and sneakers when visiting Qantas Clubs and Commercial Lounges in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.”

Passengers will likely be denied entry of an merchandise of clothing in deemed “too informal or too inappropriate”. Such devices would possibly maybe possibly also comprise “head-to-toe gym wear”, beachwear (at the side of boardshorts), sleepwear and “revealing, unclean or torn clothing”. 

Whereas Eva Marie’s outfit would possibly maybe possibly also very well be categorized as head-to-toe gymwear, she argued that her husband’s would possibly maybe possibly also too. 

Celebrity Fitness: Qantas' dress code for domestic lounges states that passengers should not wear 'head-to-toe gym wear'.


Qantas’ costume code for home lounges states that passengers must mild not wear ‘head-to-toe gym wear’.

Qantas has been approached for comment. 

It’s not the first time an airline has turned away a passenger for clothing deemed inappropriate. 

In 2019, an American doctor and her eight-12 months-ragged sone delight in been barred from boarding an American Airlines flight unless she “lined up” with a blanket.

Rowe, who used to be returning to the US after per week in Jamaica, said she had been carrying a romper with a tropical print. When she arrived at the Kingston airport, she recalled, she used to be sweating and stepped inner a bathroom to chill off earlier than boarding.

Rowe then boarded the aircraft with her son, however a female flight attendant asked her to step outside to chat.

“End you delight in a jacket?” Rowe recalled the flight attendant asking, to which she spoke back no. “You can’t salvage on the aircraft dressed adore that.”

Rowe said she in the spoil yielded because she didn’t must probability her flight and asked the attendant for a blanket. 

She and her son in the spoil walked support to their seats. Her son then lined his face with the blanket. When Rowe peeked below it, she saw that he used to be crying.

“Mummy, note the tips,'” he steered her, in line with Rowe’s epic. “I’m attempting to display to an 8-12 months-ragged – Mummy didn’t spoil the tips.”

On board, Rowe said she encountered but any other feminine passenger who used to be carrying shorts that delight in been shorter than hers however who it appears to be like faced no instruct boarding the aircraft.

“The incompatibility between that girl and me is she used to be a couple of measurement 2, thin,” Rowe said. “It’s exhausting to take hold of if you are likely to be not a double minority, a girl and a murky, how it is not pulling a card.”

American Airlines spokeswoman Shannon Gilson said the airline reached out to Rowe after listening to about her journey.

“We apologise to Dr Rowe and her son for his or her journey,” she said. “We’re proud to serve customers of all backgrounds and are committed to offering a favorable, safe rush journey for everybody who flies with us.”

Celebrity Fitness: In 2src19, Dr Latisha Rowe was forced off an American Airlines plane and told that unless she covered herself she couldn't fly.


In 2019, Dr Latisha Rowe used to be compelled off an American Airlines aircraft and steered that unless she lined herself she couldn’t fly.